15 Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids You’ll Actually Want to Make

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thanksgiving crafts kids

How on Earth are you supposed to make Thanksgiving crafts with your kids if you don’t actually like crafting?

I hear ya.

I am NOT at all crafty.

I don’t particularly enjoy that kind of creativity and with lack of sleep, diapers to change and food to cook, I don’t often ponder upon the next Pinterest-worthy creation.

What I do enjoy though is my kids when they make a craft. It’s priceless.

They always get so excited about painting or cutting or glitter glue. (oh. my. gosh. glitter glue is my worst enemy)

And since I would do close to anything for my kids, we craft, occasionally.

Thanksgiving is a time when I definitely make an effort to break out the crafts for my kids because learning about the holiday and the fall season is easier when they create something.

Plus, it’s a great way to connect with my kids.

I looked at many many different crafts and chose the very best Thanksgiving crafts you’ll actually want to make.

I know this because they are so cute that I want to make them despite not being a huge craft fan.

They are simple, inexpensive and a variety of ages will have fun with them.


1. Candy Corn Turkey

thanksgiving crafts kids

Image credit and tutorial at Crafty Morning.

Some googly eyes, colored paper and candy corn and you have yourself an adorable craft!

The kids can munch on some candy while making it and I think I will let them each name their turkey too.

We love these scissors at our house, they make cutting very easy for kids.

2. Fork Painted Turkeythanksgiving crafts kids

I am so glad there are people who name their website I heart arts ‘n’ crafts!

They created these blogs to give me hope to find at least a few things I can somehow put together.

The tutorial for this creative turkey is here.

I loved this simple craft because it combines two kids favorites: squeezing out paint and messing with paint.

This set contains both yellow and orange colors and is washable. We have these tempera colors and though they are a bit more expensive, the bottles are large and the quality is nice.

3. Q-tip Tree

thanksgiving crafts kids

Image credit and picture tutorial from La classe della maestra Valentina.

I love this adorable tree that the kids can easily make to show the gorgeous colored leaves we see in Fall. (I can’t read Italian so I let the pictures speak for themselves)

4. Coloring Place Mats

thanksgiving crafts kids

Image credit and printable at Ella Claire.

These are definitely going on the table this Thanksgiving. We will have 10 kids to keep busy (and somewhat quiet) during Thanksgiving Day family lunch…

They are easy to just print out, serve as decor and I bet the kids will enjoy creating together. I may put a box of crayons out for everybody to cut down on arguments.

5. Thankful Turkey 

thanksgiving crafts kids


Image credit and tutorial on The Resourceful Mama.

This craft really captures the essence of the Thanksgiving Holiday: to remember all that we have and give thanks.

And while the turkey is cute, I definitely would like my kids to focus on how blessed they are.

Another idea with this is giving turkeys to family members with the feathers expressing why the kids are thankful for them.

6. Mayflower Craft

thanksgiving crafts kids

Image credit and printable at A Little Pinch of Perfect.

If you homeschool, and even if you don’t, this craft will help your kids learn about the Pilgrim ship and what it was like to travel for months to The New World.

7. Paper Strips Pumpkin

thanksgiving crafts kids

Image credit and full tutorial at Color The Moon.

This idea is so cute! Because it doesn’t (have to) involve cutting, even younger kids can enjoy creating. Just get their supplies completely ready for them so all they have to do is use that purple glue!

I bet thankful hearts could be made this same way, by cutting out a heart shape and writing what you are thankful for on the strips.

8. Fall Leaf  Painting

thanksgiving crafts kids

Image credit and tutorial on Minne Mama.

Another craft that younger children can make as well, I love how it makes use of the pretty leaves kids love to find on walks.

It also looks sort of magical how you just paint over the leaf however you want and voila, looks like you drew a perfect fall leaf!

I would definitely use cardstock papers for a more durable art.

9. Turkey Leaf Lanterns

thanksgiving craft kids

Image credit and full tutorial on Rhythms Of Play.

A little bit more involved, this craft would be great for older (and possibly) more patient kids.

If you’d rather use silk leaves instead of real ones, you can get some here. They could be useful in more ways than one, like scattering them on the table or lay them on a plate and place candles on top.

Modge Podge isn’t that difficult to apply but the results are pretty amazing. Thanksgiving table lighting made by the kids? They will be proud!

10. Handmade Place Mats

thanksgiving crafts kids

Image credit and tutorial at Events to Celebrate.

I love these placemats because you can personalize them in a million ways and the kids’ creativity will really shine through.

Creating something for the Thanksgiving table will also help children feel that they play an important role in the family.

The tutorial recommends Kraft rolls, but if you have cardstock on hand that would probably work too.

11. Thanksgiving Mini Book

thanksgiving crafts kids

Image credit and printable at A Litte Pinch Of Perfect.

This mini book is perfect for beginning readers and preschoolers. The cute illustrations and easy-to-understand content help them learn about the first Thanksgiving.

I love that the kids can color their own.

12. Popsicle Stick Pilgrim

thanksgiving crafts kids

Image credit and tutorial at Crafty Morning.

Popsicle sticks, cardboard,  some markers and you have the supplies for this super easy and cute craft.

13. Pilgrim Hat

thanksgiving crafts kids

Image credit and tutorial at Modern Parents Messy Kids.

Even my 18 months old would LOVE to wear a Pilgrim hat like this!

Instead of the gold paint, as suggested, I would take the easy route and give the kids gold Sharpie markers .

14. Fall Leaves Wreath

thanksgiving crafts kids

Image credit: Events to Celebrate

This is another craft that gives children an opportunity to express their own creativity because there is no right or wrong way to do it.

I am imagining a nice walk in the crisp fall woods, collecting some leaves and go to town with glue back at home. (The liquid kind is probably better for delicate leaves)

15. Paper Bag Teepees

thanksgiving crafts kids

Image credit: Munchkins and Mayhem

There is no particular tutorial for this one, except grab a paper bag, tie the top with string and let the kids decorate the Indian teepees!

I am thinking about getting this Indian Toob , and maybe the Settlers one too, so my kids can play with the teepees.

And there you have it: 15 Thanksgiving crafts for kids that you will actually want to make!

I hope this serves as an inspiration on Thanksgiving Day!

Which ones will you try? Share with me in the comments!

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thanksgiving crafts kids