11 Pregnancy Workouts That Will Keep You Fit and In Shape

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pregnancy workouts

Are you worried about what pregnancy will do to your body? 

I am not gonna lie.

Pregnancy will change everything about your body.

Why Should You Do Pregnancy Workouts?

Carrying and birthing a child takes 9months, and it will take at least that long, usually more, to get back into pre-pregnancy shape.

The more kids you have, the harder it becomes to get back in shape.

During my journey through motherhood, especially after my 3rd baby, I realized that I don’t necessarily want to be fit to have a gorgeous body.

Sure, I would love that too, but it isn’t my top priority.

What is on the top of my list though is to be a good example for my children, to take care of my health so I can keep up with them and live to see even my great-grandchildren.

These are far bigger motivators than just to simply lose weight or look fab.

Shouldn’t You Wait To Get In Shape After Baby?

Honestly, staying fit could have been a whole lot easier had I stayed active during my pregnancies.

When you have a routine that works during pregnancy, you’re more likely to keep that up after baby arrives.

An article on Breaking Muscle says:

Exercising during pregnancy is a worthy and admirable thing. But don’t stop there. Regular movement can be far more effective at reducing aches and pains and improving mental wellbeing than working out for an hour three to five times a week. Don’t underestimate the little things.

I couldn’t agree more. I have found that I tend to avoid physical exercise unless I can do it perfectly.

Pregnant or not, don’t fall into this trap. Every little step counts toward the long-term goal of getting fit. Excercise also helps us to be better moms because if we take time to care for ourselves, we refresh mentally and physically during the demanding years of motherhood.

Are Pregnancy Workouts Safe?

It is safe and healthy to workout during pregnancy.

Evidence Based Birth examined a few scientific studies relating to pregnancy and working out and found out the following:

-Those women who exercise during pregnancy gained less weight overall than those who don’t.

-Regular aerobic exercise maintains fitness level in women during pregnancy.

-Exercising during pregnancy reduces the chances of gestational diabetes.

Pretty convincing reasons for pregnancy workouts!

So don’t wait till after you had your baby to get into shape, try one of these pregnancy workouts today and start reaping the benefits!

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1.  5 Day Prenatal Workout

pregnancy workouts

Image credit and full workout: Michelle Marie Fit.

I love how this workout routine is broken down by day, so you only have to remember what day it is and know exactly what to do.

Did I mention you don’t need a gym for it?

Sounds like a good option for busy second, third (or more) time moms as well!

2. Third Trimester Workout

pregnancy workouts

Image credit and full workout: Struggles of a Fit Mom.

Labor may take a very long time and you will need all your strength to deliver your little bundle.

This workout gets you physically ready for the big day.

3. Ease Pelvic Pain

pregnancy workouts

Image credit and full workout: Paleo Hacks.

It’s no secret, that carrying extra pounds around your midsection will put a strain on your back and result in lower-back and pelvic pain.

These hip-opener exercises specifically target this problem, helping you get some much-needed relief.

This workout is also very helpful if you suffer from lordosis.

4. Yoga for Beginners

pregnancy workouts

Image credit and full workout: Fitness Reloaded.

If you have never tried yoga before, pregnancy is the best time to do so. This is an exercise I have done off an on during pregnancy, and it helps tremendously with relaxation, strengthening the core and stretching an aching pregnant body.

I absolutely adore Maria from Fitness Reloaded, everything she creates I highly recommend. You can find several other yoga fusion routines on her blog, perfect for pregnancy workouts.

5. Low Impact Cardio Workout

pregnancy workouts

Image credit and full workout: Nourish Move Love.

If you’re looking for a lower impact pregnancy workout, this is it! All you need is a set of light to medium-weight dumbbells.

6. Avoid the Pooch

pregnancy workouts

Image credit and full workout: Struggles of a Fit Mom

Here’s another pregnancy workout from Brooke, this time helping you keep your abs strong and therefore avoiding the post-pregnancy flab.

How I wish I had followed this routine during my pregnancies. I am convinced the pooch-issue wouldn’t be so prominent as it is today. Sigh.

7. Treadmill Workout

pregnancy workouts

Image credit and full workout: Physical Kitchness.

If you want to keep using your treadmill or have a gym membership, this prenatal treadmill workout may become your new best friend.

Just click on the webpage, print out her poster and you have to think no more about your pregnancy workout for the day.

8. Quick and Easy

pregnancy workouts

Image credit and full workout: Lynzy and Co.

Check out this quick and easy workout routine you can do anywhere, anytime with no special equipment or membership.

I love that this workout involves the cute little preschooler too! After your first baby, the reality of pregnancy workouts is that you have more than yourself to take care of.

9. Prenatal Arm Workout

pregnancy workouts

Image credit and full workout: Get Healthy U.

With this routine, you will strengthen your upper body and your arm which will come in handy in the months to come.

Before kids, I would not have believed that the arm and back pain can be that intense from just holding a newborn.

Well, you are holding and nursing and bending like 24/7.

So yeah, upper body workout it is.

10. Slimmer Thighs

pregnancy workouts

Image credit and full workout: Diary of A Fit Mommy

If you tend to gain weight on your thighs first, try this workout as it focuses especially on that area.

While weight gain is unavoidable during pregnancy, and you actually need fat to nourish your baby so your body will store it, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep your thighs trim.

11. Glutes Workout

pregnancy workouts

Picture credit and workout: In Fitness and In Health 

The nice thing about this exercise routine is that it is low impact and does not require too much jumping around. It will work out legs and glutes, and

You will work out legs and glutes in only 15 minutes!

While you can’t completely avoid the changes pregnancy will do to your body, you can keep weight gain at a minimum, feel fit and bounce back postpartum a lot easier if you choose one of these pregnancy workouts.

And I am pretty sure you will agree, that every single change our bodies had to go through was well worth it when you look at those gorgeous children!

Tell me, which exercises have you tried during pregnancy?

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pregnancy workouts