15 Outdoor Party Games Kids Will Love

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Watching kids play is seriously one of my favorite things.

Seeing their expressions and exploring what goes on inside their little mind is priceless.

Even when we throw a party, I love playing a few party games kids love because it just makes everything so much more fun.

My son’s birthday is around the corner so I looked around especially for outdoor party games kids find hilarious and fun.

In this post, I am sharing my finds with you to serve as inspiration for your next party!

15 Outdoor Party Games Kids Will Love

1. Cornhole

My son is obsessed with Cornhole. We set it up daily and play a few rounds. His smile and excitement over winning are so worth it. He is also working on handling it well when he loses.

    But cornhole is a great game for a birthday party or backyard get-together too because it’s easy to set up for as many players as you have.
    This set I linked to is customizable, so you can put your own decals on it. I would also definitely recommend going solid wood because you will get so much more use out of a sturdy and durable material.
    2. Giant Jenga

party games kids love, birthday party, party ideas

Image credit and full tutorial: A Beautiful Mess

Classic indoor game turned into massive outdoor fun!

Following the link above, you can watch the tutorial on how to make your own giant jenga set. If you’re not much of a DIY person (no problem, me either), then  Amazon’s got you covered.

3. Fill The Bucket

party games kids love for the next birthday

Image credit and idea: The Resourceful Mama

Another party game kids love is a game involving water. So naturally, transfering water between buckets, using sponges, is great fun.

4. Minute To Win It Games

party games kids love

Idea and Image credit: Happiness Is Homemade

These Minute To Win It games could be played indoors or out, but they are so much fun I had to include them.

Timed competition? A party game kids appreciate the most.

My favorite out of the collection is placing a sandwich cookie on your forehad and getting it into your mouth by using nothing but your face musles.

Found the full list on Happiness Is Homemade.

5. Shaving Cream Balloon Fight

fun outdoor party games kids will love

Image credit: Pinterest

What kid doesn’t love making a mess without having to clean up much? This game is perfect for a fun game of tag or set up teams and play dodge.


6. DIY Ring Toss

party games kids love

Image credit and tutorial: Mom Endeavors

Another classic that you can now make at home with this handy guide.

Ring Toss can be part of a series of games where teams compete against each other, taking the challange to the next level.

7. Pass The Water

outdoor party games kids love for birthday

Image credit and idea: A Girl And A Glue Gun

I so rememeber playing this game when I was a kid!

Though more often than not we played it with a ball, I think pouring the water over your head and the person behind you catching it is way more hilarious.

8. Donuts On A String

party games kids love, birthday party, donut eating

Image credit: Small Fry

Hello! This game is a no-brainer.

My kids would kill for candy or dessert so having to eat a donut off a string while competing against others kids? Bring it on!

9. Water Gun Game

party games kids

Igame credit and idea: Driven By Decor

I am sure this game has been invtented by many people and played many ways, but I love this mom’s take on it.

The way she sat it up is so simple and cheap, yet I know for a fact it would earn “the best party game kids ever played” award.

All you need is a foam block (I found this one), golf tees, pingpong balls and waterguns.

10. Limbo

birthday party games kids love

Image credit: In The Playroom

Put on the music and let the games begin.

If you don’t feel like spending money on a limbo stand, just have two adults hold a rope on each end and lower it at every round.

11. Nature Scavenger Hunt

party games kids love, nature scavenger hunt

Image credit and printable: Five Little Chefs

Most kids are little adventurers and love going on a hunt for treasures or other items they are instructed to find.

This party game is most fun in a wooded, natural area instead of a fenced backyard, but you could customize the game to fit your circumstances.

12. Water Balloon Baseball

party games kids, birthday party, waterbaloons

Image credit: Zucchini Summer

Oh my gosh, waterballons! My kids non-stop beg and beg and BEG for these every summer. It’s my husband’s fault.

Not only did he introduce them to these rapid fill waterbaloons, he also makes the game even more fun by letting the kids hide outside and shoot behind covers.

Can’t say I mind. I already mentioned my love for watching kids play.

This is the first time however, that I see the waterbaseball idea and I just love it.

13. Use Your Noodle

party games kids, birthday party, move balloons with pool noodle

Image credit: Parents

In this game the point is, that you try putting each ballon in the laundry basket using nothing but a pool noodle.

Kind of makes me wonder about a game of adults vs kids…

14. 3 Legged Race

party games kids, summer fun, birthday party, race

Image credit: Make It Do

Aaah, and old classic, but it’s still so much fun!

Encourages cooperation and it may also be used for teaching squabbling siblings how to get along. (I just had a lightbulb moment)

15. Tug-of-War

party games kids love, tug-of-war, summer fun

Image credit: PlentiFun

I would not recommend this party game for arguing siblings like I did with the previous one, or else they may fulfill their desire to strangle one another.

However, it is much fun to play tug-of-war between a few adults and a bigger number of kids. Kids enjoy proving themelves stronger than the adults so it adds to the challange.

Extra Idea: Chocolate Medals For The Winners

birthday party games kids love

Image credit: Pinterest

Just punch a hole through the candy wrapper and make a medal with a ribbon.

Too Easy.

But kids love chocolate and beam when they are recognized for their accomplishments. So this will totally make their day.

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I’m sure excited about playing some of these great outdoor party games kids love at my son’s birthday party.

Comment and tell me which one is your favorite or share other outdoor party games!

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party games kids, birthday party, sumer fun