13 Steps Towards Parenting Without Yelling

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parenting without yelling


Have you ever wondered if parenting without yelling was possible?

Have you ever wanted to change the way you discipline?

Have you ever questioned if you are a good parent?

I sure have.

I did some research and collected some of the best articles to help you become a parent who yells less.

Because the thing is, parenting is HARD!

We get frustrated.



It is the hardest journey in life you will ever take because you are directly and constantly impacting other humans with everything you do.

That’s where we, parents, also need GRACE.

In the Bible, the Apostle Paul talks to people in a church who had an argument over which leader was a better one. He says:

I planted the seed in your hearts, and Apollos watered it, but it was God who made it grow. 1 Corinthians 3:6

We, who plant and water seeds of truth in our children’s heart, we don’t actually grow them.

The growth is up to God, and He does not need us to be perfect to be able to use us. 

Just remember that when you look at your own failures and inadequacy.

And now, on to some practical help.

13 Steps Towards Parenting Without Yelling

1. Help Your Child Know How to Handle Anger

In her blog post, Alternatives to The Phrase “Calm Down”, the Mommy View blog author does a fab job giving parents a helping hand in knowing how to respond to their child’s anger.

She also has this cute printable below!


13 Ways to Parent Without Yelling

2. Practical Tips to Reduce Yelling

North-South Blonde explains that:

Every time you yell and take your frustration out on your children, you are encouraging them to act in a similar manner. (…)You’ll realize that it doesn’t help the situation, it just feeds the fire.

Check out her post on how to discipline with less yelling.

13 Ways to Parenting Without Yelling

3. Focus More on The Relationship

Rediscovered Families suggest that you try her approach to discipline your child without hardening their heart in the process.

13 Ways to Parenting Without Yelling

4. Respond Instead of React

A parent coach, Nicole Schwarz encourages parents to respond to their children’s outbursts and problems rather than react. Check out her post on this topic here.

13 ways to parenting without yellin

5. Use The Word “No” Sparingly

You may think this is counterintuitive, but if you use the word less often, it actually has more power.

It’s possible to set clear boundaries and raise responsible children without constantly saying no.

Read my article on How To Respond To Kids In A Positive Way.

positive parenting

6. Reduce Backtalk, The No. 1 Trigger For Parents

Sarah at The Holy Mess came up with a 5 Minute Cure to reduce disrespectful backtalk in your children. It may be worth a try.

13 ways to parenting without yelling

7. Give A Try to Positive Discipline

Get very practical help from Alana, who blogs at Parenting From the Heart, points parents towards phrasing their sentences in a positive way while correcting children.

13 ways to parenting without yelling

8. Try a Time-In

L.R Knost is a big supporter of giving misbehaving children a time-in instead of a timeout. Read more about her approach here.

13 ways to parenting without yelling
A Calm-Me jar, used during a Time-In

9. Look Inward

Not only is it important to have some practical discipline tricks up your sleeves, it is also crucial that you, as the parent work on yourself.

Tarana, from Sand In My Toes, gives you 5 Tips for Being a Calmer Parent.

13 ways to parenting without yelling

10. Teach Your Children Manners

Consistently teaching children manners will make them much more enjoyable to be around! Check out this awesome Manners Printable from Thirty Handmade Days.

13 Ways to Parenting Without Yelling

11. Enhance Your Parenting Skills

Check out MomJunction’s post on what new skills you could acquire to help you feel more in control and yell less.

13 Ways to Parenting without Yelling

12. Apologize And Be Honest

Nothing better to mend the heart, than apologizing and talking honestly about what went wrong and why.

Read The Idealist Mom’s letter to her children on days when she is failing as a parent.

13 ways to parenting without yelling

13.  Choose Joy

Maybe, deciding to be more joyful is all you need to become a less angry parent. HandsFree Mama has a wonderfully honest post about her choice to be joyful.

13 ways to parenting without yelling


I am thankful for the blogs and the writers behind them, that are such a wealth of information and source of encouragement on my journey of parenting without yelling.

Remember, we are all human and will make mistakes. The most important is that you never stop changing.

I would love to hear what helped you the most to reduce yelling in your home? 

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parenting without yelling