The New Mom’s Go-To Guide To The Best Nursery Ideas

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nursery ideas

You announced your pregnancy, started growing a cute belly and now it’s time to organize a space for your little one.

You need nursery ideas.

But with the overwhelmingly abundant ideas out there, it can be intimidating to tackle the nursery project.

How should you even get started?

Inspiration is what comes first before you will see your plans solidify. The more images you look at, the more you understand your personal style and preferences.

Slowly a final vision of your baby’s nursery emerges out of the abyss of nursery ideas.

The New Mom’s Go-To Guide To The Best Nursery Ideas is here to help you find that final vision and to provide shopping help as well.

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I can’t wait to share with you my finds.

1. Gray With A Pop Of Color

nursery ideas


nursery ideas
Images credit: S Joy Studios.

If you’re having a girl but don’t want an overwhelmingly pink room, this option is great for you! All you need is to pick a few things in the room that provide the pop of color.

nursery ideas


nursery ideas

Images credit: S Joy Studios

The pink could also be easily substituted with boy colors (blue, army green) or gender neutral ones (white, yellow, green, orange).

Some shopping ideas:

Layered yellow butterfly mobile

Printed yellow crib sheet

Orange armchair 

Green canvas storage basket

Grey and yellow throw pillows

2. Decal on The Wall

nursery ideas

Image credit: Etsy

nursery ideas

Image credit: Pinterest

nursery ideas

Image credit: Pinterest.

nursery ideas

Image credit: Pinterest.

I love wall decals so much! It completely changes the atmosphere of the room. Wall decals instantly transform a plain wall into something that wows.

Plus, they are affordable, easy to apply and you have a gazillion options!

Some shopping ideas:

Grey and white maple tree

Custom name decal

Colorful owls on tree and animals

Jungle animals decal

Cherry blossom tree with pandas

Elegant cherry blossom tree

Nautical wall decal

3. Keeping It Neutral

nursery ideas

Image credit: Futurist Architecture.

A neutral nursery will grow with your baby so what you invest in now, they will use in the future. It is easy (and cheap) to switch out decor pieces or the bed and still keep the room in the neutral colors.

Not to mention that you can also play with different textures to keep the room interesting.

Some shopping ideas:

Round jute stool in ivory

White fuzzy rug

Linen organizer caddy

Antique white wood shelf

4. Woodlands theme

nursery ideas


nursery ideas

nursery ideas

Images credit: Project Nursery.

The woodlands theme is a great choice for gender neutral nurseries. I had a similar theme in my kids’ nursery and I really loved it.

These rooms remind me of bringing nature inside, and later down the road, the room could be filled with little treasures gathered by your child.

Some shopping ideas:

Woodland nursery wall art

Woodland Lamp with fox

Canvas storage bins

Plush moose ride-on toy

Fox pillow

Accent rug

Burlap curtains

5. Rustic Boy Nursery

nursery ideas


nursery ideas

Image credit: Involvery.

I love how manly these decorations make the room appear, but it is still a baby-friendly look. There’s no doubt, dads will give a thumbs up to this nursery!

Some shopping ideas:

Rustic rectangular wall decor

Rustic triangular wall decor

Rustic brown floating shelves

Mini deer decor in white

Wicker storage baskets

Rustic wood frame

6. Girly Floral

nursery ideas


nursery ideas


nursery ideas

Images credit and idea: Ruffled Blues.

This ultimately girly nursery is decked out with pink, white, aqua colors, flowers and delicate, French-inspired details.

How adorable is this room? I totally love it!

Some shopping ideas:

5 light crystal chandelier

Pink curtains

Floral and aqua bedding set

French dresser in white

Decorative white bicycle with flowers

White picture ledge

7. On Cloud 9

nursery ideas

Image credit: Pottery Barn Kids via Pinterest

Check out this sweet baby boy nursery! I love the clouds and the airplanes.

I imagine the dark blue as an accent wall and the rest of the room neutral (probably a grey), in order to keep the room from looking to gloomy.

Some shopping ideas:

Vintage aviator wall decor

Vintage hanging airplane

Dark and light blue round area rug

Large seagrass basket

Aviator crib sheet

Cloud decals

8. Monochrome Zoo

nursery ideas


nursery ideas


nursery ideas

Images credit and idea: Project Nursery

The creator of this room dreamed of a space where their baby is able to pick up on the surroundings easily.

Since babies only see black and white initially, she made that color combination the choice for the nursery.

I am impressed how well the small details made the room seem inviting and kid-friendly.

Some shopping ideas:

Black and white bedding set with a pop of aqua

Black and white linen organizers

Dark gray area rug

PomPom nursery decor in black, white and gray

Elephant head wall decor in white

Gray glider swivel rocker 

9. Elegant Nursery

nursery ideas


nursery ideas


nursery ideas

Images credit: Project Nursery.

What I love about this nursery is the soft colors and the elegant details that pull it all together.

Even if you can’t exactly recreate the pictures, finding a few key pieces will ensure that your nursery has the same feel.

Some shopping ideas:

Glider swivel rocker in Sand

Pastel Pink drapery panel

White ruffle bedding set and crib bumper

White pearl garland

Round decorative flower boxes

Antique nightstand

Pastel pink photo frame

Pastel pink floral nursery lamp

Antique dresser

9. Eclectic Nursery

nursery ideas


nursery ideas


nursery ideas

Images credit: Project Nursery.

This nursery’s style is eclectic, so a lot more “random” items will work together.

Some of these items you may already own, or have a special meaning to you and now it can be in the nursery.

I love the teal and yellow colors, they make the room bright and happy.

Some shopping ideas:

IKEA pine dresser

Yellow chevron pouf

Teal cube organizer shelf

Gray glider

Decorative ABC poster

Whale hamper

Soft, yellow throw blanket

Kids wood rocking chair

White picture frames

10. Small Space Nursery

nursery ideas


nursery ideas

nursery ideas

Images credit and ideas: Lonny.

If you’re a minimalist at heart, or just simply don’t have enough room for a nursery, this is for you. recommends setting up your entire nursery in a closet or defining it by an accent wall. Genius!

Some shopping ideas:

Wicker cubby shelf with hangers

White wicker tall organizer

Convertible mini crib

Jute organizer baskets

Blue printed wallpaper

Hanging basket trio

Wide white shelf

9 drawer long dresser 


Choosing and organizing everything to prepare a room for a baby isn’t an easy task, but I know this list of nursery ideas will help to get closer to the finished product.

How are you decorating your nursery?

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nursery ideas