The Best Lunch Hacks For Busy Parents

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best lunch hacks busy parents


Thousands of parents face a huge problem, on a daily basis.

It cannot be solved by avoiding or ignoring it. Parents have to deal with it each and every day otherwise serious consequences follow.

It can be described in two words: making lunch.

I have no problem planning out dinners and breakfasts. But lunch?

For some reason, on most days I stand staring at the pantry shelves trying to figure something out to eat.

Meanwhile listening to the kids who let me know on a minute by minute basis how hungry they are. Like I didn’t know.

Lunch also needs to be nutritious and filling, otherwise you can start over again in an hour when said kids will start up the begging again.

Anybody with me? Yeah, I thought so.

Often times I opt for leftovers because we homeschool and I can, but that plan doesn’t always work either.

And for parents who work and  kids who go to school, the lunch struggle is real. There are so many unique situations and so many variables one has to think of when packing lunches!

But never fear! Today I  present to you the best lunch hacks that will bring some relief to your busy parenting days.

Do you send your kids to school with a lunch box? I got some fresh ideas for you!

Have a kid with allergies? Meal options ahead!

Do you homeschool and need to get out of the PBJ rut? Great options below!

Do you struggle to provide yourself a good lunch? I got ya too!

How about some tips on how to delegate some lunch making duties to kids? Scroll down for answers!

Whatever your situation may be, there’s a hack for everyone! Enjoy!


lunch hacks busy parents

Celebrating Sweets has an awesome post on healthy lunches for kids (and adults). Her Bentos are packed full or simple but nutritious lunches that you can put on repeat.


lunch hacks

Kim Six Fix came up with a smart system in order to delegate making lunches to her (older) kids. She divided up the food into groups and her kids pick one of each. Sounds pretty smart to me!


best lunch hacks

Found on What Lisa Cooks, these are wonderful options for non sandwich lunches if you are sick and tired of PBJ every day! She even has a few gluten free options listed.


best lunch hacks

Found on Keeley McGuire’s blog, find out the tricks of packing a warm lunch in a thermos and get recipes as well!


best lunch hacks

Happy MoneySaver dishes on how she makes her kids’ lunches ahead of time, then stores them in the fridge for easy assembly.


beat lunch hacks

Design Improvised came up with a way to have a lunch packing station, complete with lunch containers, water bottles and non perishable snacks, conveniently next to her fridge.


best lunch hacks

If you are looking for a few simple vegan lunch ideas, Glue and Glitter will give you just that!


best lunch hacks

Find adult upgrades on school lunches at My favorite grown up versions are the chicken lettuce wraps and pasta in a jar. Yum!


best lunch hacks

Rage Against the Minivan put together a checklist to help make balanced lunches each day, avoiding getting into a rut. It would make a great printable for kids in order to foster independence.


best lunch hacks

Here are  125 more ideas on how to pack a Yumbox with food your kids will actually love. Found on Holley Grainger’s blog, this post also contains a handy printable.


best lunch hacks

For the health conscious moms who want to make sure the lunches are healthy too, not just quick, I recommend Kristine’s Kitchen’s post on 10 healthy school lunches.


best lunch hacks

My Mommy Style offers more tips and smart lunch ideas packed in a thermos. My favorites are those cute and colorful silicone cupcake liners they put side dishes in!


best lunch hacks

Stuffed Suitcase offers 40 weeks of nut free lunches, in case your child is allergic or attends a nut-free school.


best lunch hacks

Is your child gluten or grain free? What Lisa Cooks has you covered with two weeks worth of lunch ideas.


best lunch hacks

Sometimes, all you need is a little fun in order to feel close to your kids and let them know you love them. The Dating Divas collected 48 note ideas that you can print and pack in your child’s lunchbox along with the food!


best lunch hacks

Passion for Savings has 36 awesome lunch hacks, for example using frozen sponges as ice packs or the surprise birthday lunch box.


best lunch hacks

Keeley McGuire does it again with great gluten and allergy free lunchbox recommendations. It’s no easy feat packing a lunch for an allergic child, but with the tuna balls,”Puffins” or the veggie nuggets she mentions, you are sure to find some ideas to help!

If you are looking for some great lunch packing tools, try Easy Lunchboxes (not leak proof!) or check out the many versions of Yumbox (leak proof).

And there you have it, the list of the best lunch hacks for busy parents!

Which one was your favorite?

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best lunch hacks busy parents