A Proven Way To Start A Blog That Makes Money

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how to start a blog

I have been asking  “How to start a blog that makes money?” for years.

I first heard about blogging about 10 years ago, when a mom in a playgroup mentioned that she blogs to make it possible to stay home with her kids.

I did a lot of research on it then, but most of what I have learned went over my head.

I concluded that blogging was too complicated, too time-consuming and that I did not have the necessary skill set to make it work.

Fast forward about 6 years and reading blogs have become a pretty mainstream thing to do. I have been subscribed to several and enjoyed reading the different views on issues I was interested in.

That is when I came across articles again that talked about how to start a blog and make money with it.

It intrigued me,  just like the first time. So the search was on once again.

how to start a blog

This time I bought a few ebooks and diligently set out to crack the mystery once and for all.

I didn’t fail entirely but I was overwhelmed. Again. I could not believe that blogging has to be this difficult and time-consuming.

Everywhere I looked I heard that you need to be passionate about your topic but it also has to be a  topic people are actively searching for, you have to work years for success and even then it is not guaranteed.

The sentence “finding the perfect niche” was thrown around so much, I felt like my life depended on finding it.

I had nobody to ask questions from, and nobody to give me a step-by-step guide to help me become a successful blogger.

The blogging business seemed unclear and all I could see were the certain people that made a killing and the fact that it could never be me. It would probably take me a crap ton of work and several years to see some success.

If ever.

I was disappointed. I wanted to own a successful blog so much.

I dreamed of working from home while seeing my children grow up and being able to homeschool them.

I also wanted to create something that was JUST mine. I needed an outlet.

I wanted it so badly to work, but how?

how to start a blog

A Proven Way To Start a Blog That Makes Money

One day as I was searching for the perfect niche, yet again, I stumbled upon a blog called Obstacle.co

I was immediately drawn in. The writing and tone were different.

It was laid back and funny. I clicked the about page and met Paul (Scrivs) and I was even more sure this site was different.

I was the perfect candidate for what he had to offer because I have been literally searching the entire Internet with desperation for somebody to show me a way to start a blog that actually succeeds.

Scrivs offers a FREE 12 Day Blogging Boot Camp.

What could it hurt, I thought. Maybe I really learn something.

Sign-up was a no-brainer. It’s free.

In one of his emails, he mentioned the Billionaire Blog Club (BBC) he runs for wanna-be bloggers.

And that’s when I found HOME.

I am not joking or exaggerating when I say that joining BBC and the journey I have been walking ever since have changed my life.

And I was finally able to start a blog that makes money.

Advice From a Beginner Mom Blogger


As it turns out, blogging isn’t an accidental process that requires tons of work and produces a blurry outcome.

Blogging is writing content your audience wants to read and putting it in front of that audience. Everything else is extra, this is the basic formula every beginner needs to understand.

It wasn’t hard for me to accept this. I was finally able to breathe,  because following a formula, that I can do.

And the advice came from a person that has 10+ blogs solely for the purpose of developing this formula across all niches, so he can show people that anybody can be successful blogging.

how to start a blog

You Keep Your Own Self From Succeeding

If blogging is simple, then why isn’t everybody successful?

The reason for this is simple as well.

A lot of people do not want to accept that the process for success is not rainbows and unicorns, so they waste a lot of time trying to find better, smarter, more glorious ways.

The blogging concept is not hard. What is hard is to stick with it even when you have doubts. Even when your fears and questions stand in your own way.

The difficulty is to consider blogging an entrepreneurship with ups and downs, ebb and flow of traffic as all normal parts of being a blogger.

This is the lesson  I learned when, after months of soaring, my traffic tanked. I had to make a decision to keep on working and see the big picture.

You Will Get Noticed

As I mentioned earlier, I owned a blog before and worked on it diligently for months and nobody even knew it existed. It was a real issue for me.

Then I took the Billionaire Pinterest course, and I have never stayed unnoticed after applying the strategies laid out.

And you know what? My blog grew from 152 page views to 62,000 page views in 4 months!

Pretty sure that counts as a lot of people reading.

Pinterest is my new best friend and the only social media I use as of now.

how to start a blog

Looks Aren’t The Most Important

My blog design is basic. Fact.

It is not ugly or impossible to read. Another fact.

But people will just click away because it’s not professional enough and doesn’t have a color theme and a brandable font. Lie.

People will read my blog first and foremost because of the content I provide. I have not applied for the prettiest blog award. No reason to, I would know the result.

But the good news is I don’t have to have a pretty blog to make money and have people read my content.

Initially, as far as the design goes, it just needs to be functional enough so my readers can access the articles that answer their problems.

Decide That You Will Make It Work

I am a stay at home mom to 4 kids and I homeschool. Adding to it all my other commitments, extracurricular activities, housework and more, I really only had time to blog at night, after 9 pm the earliest.

But I was committed to it. I wanted to make it work. I got lots of encouragement from the BBC Slack community and Scrivs.

I needed to be consistent, not perfect.

Small steps add up, and if I become paralyzed by not being able to accomplish everything I want, I would never start.

how to start a blog

You Will Need Support

The BBC Slack community is my business family I reach out to with everything blogging related.

We talk, we joke, we help and support each other as bloggers, all under the watchful eyes of an experienced blogger who is wildly successful and continues to learn and grow with us.

I also let my husband know that blogging is important to me and that he needs to trust me. I asked him to support me and let me have extra time away from the kids so I can blog.

He may not have understood how blogging works, but he gave me that trust and support and I was able to get a little extra time each week to make progress.

Now he pays for a babysitter every week for a few hours and also takes care of our kids every Saturday morning.

Is that enough time? It’s not but it is a good start for now.

Does everybody get the chance to pay a sitter or have help from their significant other? Probably not, but that doesn’t matter.

The important thing is that no matter your exact situation, you consider blogging important enough to set time aside. To re-prioritize and let your family/friends know that you are doing this.

If you don’t respect yourself and consider your new business important enough, why should they?

how to start a blog

Blogging Actually Makes Money

Due to the numerous misconceptions about blogging, most people think that it’s bad to want to make money and they should first and foremost blog to help others.

I was one of these people.

I had an idea of why I wanted to blog and what I wanted to blog about. I hoped to somehow make money but I felt embarrassed to admit it.

Looking back, I laugh at myself because now that I know how to treat blogging a business, I would never doubt the fact that money making is a huge part of it.

It is entirely possible to help people, build relationships and feel like you are making a difference in lives while also see a profit.

Now that I know how to write about things that my audience is interested in, I can build a core group up who actually wants to know more from me because I have built up trust.

It’s sort of like making a friendship grow. You don’t start by telling a stranger all about you and what makes you happy and what interests you.

Hopefully, you would start by asking what they are about and if you hit it off, then hang out at least a few times before you trust them with more personal stuff.

There are lots of ways to make money blogging, for example, affiliate marketing, ads, creating your own product to offer your core audience, and many more.

If you want to know details, read this thorough article on How To Make Money Blogging.

How much money and how soon?

I made money the third month after I officially started promoting my blog on Pinterest. Sure, it may not be paying my mortgage, but it is money I earned. A few months later, I am making several hundred a month, and I have just gotten started.

Just to give you a perspective of what can happen with blogging, read this income report.

This money was made by following the basic formula. Day in and day out.

I finally saw that money isn’t coming in because the stars have aligned, but because I have made it happen.

how to start a blog

How Blogging Has Changed My Life

Blogging changed my life because:

  • I realized I can contribute to my family while staying a full-time mom

I have watched my husband carry the weight of providing for us for years. He is great at it, but I always wanted to help out financially and pay for extra things we can’t afford on one salary.

  • I am able to live my dream

I love my children with all my heart, and I chose to be home with them first and foremost. I always wanted to be a mom and that is one dream I am able to live daily.

I believe God gave me skills and talents to use and planted another dream in my heart to one day own my business.

I have had that dream since I was a teenager, but it was always opening a coffee shop or something similarly unattainable. I come from a family of business owners, and I probably have it in my blood to not want to work for somebody 9-5 every day.

This is the reason why I have tried several direct sales companies over the years, but I never enjoyed that form of business. Even though there are less than pleasant parts of blogging for business (like creating pins or designing websites), I still love what I get to do.

  • I was able to get started for $15 a month

With blogging as my business, I didn’t have to invest thousands of dollars to begin. All I needed was a domain name and web hosting.

A few months later I added a Gmail Gsuite account and Board Booster service, but that is it.

  • I became stronger and more confident

Blogging has its challenges and there are days when it’s super boring, or trying to learn something to take me to the next level simply doesn’t make sense.

As I looked back, I realized that I have overcome obstacles and learned new things well and fairly fast. The misconceptions about myself as a person have slowly started to melt away.

how to start a blog

  • It strengthened my marriage

Starting a blog forced us to work together and figure out how to share parenting and household duties better.

My husband truly became my biggest fan and greatest support in this business of blogging. He regularly reads my emails, asks me about my pageviews and revenues.

He is proud of me and supports me. How can a marriage not benefit from these?

  • It made me a better mom

Starting something I was was interested in and only because I wanted it, wasn’t easy for me. It seemed selfish.

But through the time I spent focusing on my own interest and fighting for my alone time, I also realized how much I neglected myself as a person.

I wrote a whole post on one weird thing to help you become a better mom, and the advice stems from this blogging experience.

Spending time away from my kids pushes the reset button and I feel refreshed when I arrive home.

If after reading my article, you still need more convincing to start a blog, then blogging is probably not for you. And that’s okay too.

However, if you are ready to start a blog, sign up for the FREE 12 Day Blogging Boot Camp and let the games begin!

Enjoy the ride! (Or “may the odds be ever in your favor”?)

Nothing would make me happier than hearing how starting a blog has changed your life! Send me an email or comment below.

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