Forget The Candy And Try These Awesome Easter Basket Ideas Instead

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easter basket ideas

A few years ago, I pretty much stopped putting bags and bags of candy and cheap knick-knacks in my kids’ Easter basket.

I wanted to stop wasting money and find some really awesome Easter basket ideas instead.

Why Did I Want To Change?

  • My goal is to teach my children the true meaning of Easter first and foremost.
  • I’d much rather give them fewer things that last and they truly enjoy, than getting a basket full of cheap stuff they break or forget the next day.
  • With 4 kids, it saves me money to gift them things they actually need instead of trying to find toys just for the sake of filling a basket.
  • Non-candy gifts are healthier and I needed alternatives especially when my kids were babies and toddlers.

Shhhhh, I do still give my kids some candy too, I’m not a stickler.

If you are in search of truly awesome Easter basket ideas, read my suggestions below to find them.

I separated the ideas by age group, but of course, there are overlaps between the groups. You know your child’s personality and interests best, so use these as inspiration.

One more thing: I do realize that some of these baskets have a TON of stuff in them. I was focusing more on the idea itself, not the exact contents because you are free to choose how much to include.

New Easter Basket Ideas To Try This Year- Instead of Just Giving Candy

Easter Basket Ideas For Babies

Babies won’t remember their first Easter and they will not ask you for specific gifts either. However, you probably want to make it memorable and likely there are family members who do too.

Here’s what you can give your little one:

1. Basket Of Essentials

easter basket ideas

Image credit and tutorial: Busy Creating Memories

2. Basket Of Books

easter baskets ideas

Image credit and tutorial: 2 Sisters 2 Cities

A few cuddly bunnies and some Easter/bunny themed touch and feel books are all you need.

3. Summer Essentials Cart

easter basket ideas

Image credit and idea: The Stanleys

Every little baby will use a bathing suit, diapers, and towels for the summer. Why not gift them beach-essentials in a cute shopping cart they can push around when they learn to walk?

4. Mix And Match Basket

easter basket ideas

Image credit: Playdates To Parties

Thankfully, your baby won’t protest if you throw any sort of baby related things in a basket for them.

Pacifiers, blankets, chew toys, snacks and cups are all fair game!

I really like these tiny yogurt bites and Sophie The Giraffe is an all-time popular chewy toy.

Easter Basket Ideas For Toddlers

Toddler stage is when the fun begins with gift-giving because your child already favors certain toys and there are many activities they enjoy that need “supplies”.

5. Swing

easter basket ideas

Image credit: Pinterest

It’s a genius idea to fill a toddler swing with some favorites if you have a backyard swing set. This Little Tykes Infant to Toddler Swing is sturdy and can be used, you guessed it, from infancy to toddler years.

6. DIY Sensory Toys

easter basket ideas

Image credit and tutorial: Jennifer Perkins

You can most definitely fill toddler baskets with homemade sensory toys, guaranteeing some much needed quiet time for you. (even if its just long enough to go to the bathroom alone, take what you can get)

Check out the above linked great tutorial on DIY sensory ideas.

7. Potty Basket

easter basket ideas

Image credit: Primal Dish

Not sure if you could make your intentions to get your little one out of diapers any cuter than this. We actually have this little froggy potty but it has been discontinued so I can’t link to it. Boo.

Try this one instead, it’s similar though not as fun.

I have one more kid to go before I don’t need (daytime) diapers anymore.

8. Toddler Playtime Essentials

easter basket ideas

Image credit: Mom Envy

We have several Melissa and Doug chunky puzzles at home and they have always been a favorite.

Add some chalk or mess-free paper and markers to the basket and you have toddler fine motor skills covered.

9. Adventurer Backpack Basket

easter basket ideas

Image credit: Katie Did What

A fun idea is to fill a small, toddler backpack with gardening/sand toys (this set is my favorite), a few snacks, bunny books and let the outdoor adventures begin.

Easter Basket Ideas For Preschoolers

Preschoolers love exploring and you feel more comfortable letting them, knowing they wouldn’t put evetything in their mouth. Their personalities are also showing more and more, so they will have definite opinions on their favorite characters. Books and coloring as also big favorites.

10. Wagons Of Fun

easter basket ideas

Image credit and tutorial: Frogs, Snails, and Popooy Dog Tails

Another way to switch things up and dodge the traditional basket is to use a wagon to hold the contents. Plus you will use the wagon even after Easter is over.

11. Disney Basket

easter basket ideas

Image credit and tutorial: The Denver Housewife 

Do you have a little Frozen (or other Disney character) fanatic in your house?

Make a tutu basket (switch up the colors for different princesses) and fill the basket with themed accessories, toys and/or candy.

12. Umbrella Baskets

easter basket ideas

Image credit and idea: Primal Dish

Nice! I would have never thought to use kids umbrellas instead of baskets. I love it.

13. Truck Loads Of Fun

easter basket ideas

Image credit: Bloglovin

A truck, bubbles, a ball, and frisbee, what’s not to love?

This Tonka truck has a steel construction and is going to last more than 5 minutes.

Easter Basket Ideas For Elementary Kids

School-aged kids enjoy more complex projects as well as DIY type crafts. They appreciate new accessories for their favorite activities and take gender differences very seriously.

14. DIY Creative Basket

easter basket ideas

Image credit and tutorial: Clumsy Crafter

For the young crafter in your life, grab glitter glue, new colored pencils, markers, and a doodle pad to fill a basket with or grab this Giant Art Jar for a ready-made alternative. (don’t worry, it’s not that big but my kids think it’s loads of fun)

15. Bunny Towels

easter basket ideas

Image credit: Pinterest

I am not entirely sure how to fold towels to look like bunny ears, but the creatives ones among us won’t have a problem.

16. Super Hero Themed Basket

easter basket ideas

Image credit and tutorial: Oh So Savvy Mom

If your kid loves superheroes and you love crafting, this idea is a win-win! You get to make a decoupage basket and they enjoy the toy. (not sure how much they’ll appreciate the carefully made basket, so make sure you only do it if you don’t mind)

17. Rain Boots

easter basket ideas

Image credit: Unknown

I love rain boots for my kids so much because I can let them outside in the mud without second thoughts. (well, I do have thoughts but less of them)

I have recently purchased a pair of these rainboots for each kid and I love the colors and quality. Rolling up a cute rainjacket and put it inside the boots would also be a great idea. (we have these ones, in matching colors with their boots)

Easter Basket Ideas For Tweens and Teens

This age group may be the hardest to buy for, but not if you consider their individual interests and follow the same principle as with younger ones: give things they already need!

18. Beach Basket

easter basket ideas

Image credit: The Curriculum Corner

Easily customizable for the right gender, a beach themed basket will be a hit no matter how “too cool for school ” your teen is.

19. Baker’s Basket



easter basket ideas

Image credit and tutorial: A Night Owl Blog

For the budding baker in your life, why not put together a mixing bowl with the right essentials to whip up their favorite dessert?

Plus points if you use them together for some bonding time.

20. Toolbox Basket

easter basket ideas

Image credit: Bower Power Blog

It’s a good time to start collecting good tools for that future garage.

The Waterloo Portable Toolbox comes in different sizes so you can decide how big (or small) you go.

21. Makeup Bag Basket

easter basket ideas

Image credit: Fun Squared

This post already had a ton of “ditch the basket” ideas, and this one is no different.

I think this will be the idea I will go with for my teenage stepdaughter.

The sky is the limit when it comes to what to fill the makeup bag with and some of our local stores always have cutes ones in stock.

I am thinking mini-size sunscreen and lotion, pedicure accessories, nail polish, and sunglasses.

22. Trickster Basket

easter basket ideas

Image credit and tutorial: A Night Owl Blog

When I have teenage boys, I will not be giving them any more ideas on how to make pranks.

But if you’re braver than me, go for this trickster basket idea.

Whew, that was a huge list lot of (mostly) candy-free Easter basket ideas!

Let me know which ones your liked best!

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