The Ultimate List Of First Aid Kit Essentials

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I was in the backyard when my husband ran out and yelled that we need to take her to the hospital.

I was frantic.

I saw my 6-year-old daughter lying on the floor, face and body parts covered with blood and bruises, screaming.

I was absolutely terrified.

20 minutes later we found ourselves in the ER, waiting to figure out the damage and to finally ease her pain.

She fell off a scooter in the front yard and I was not there to protect her.

My baby. My beautiful little girl. It was heartbreaking to see her like that.

I was weak.

But I knew I had to keep it together.

For her…

I had to be just a little bit stronger than she was at the moment, so I can kiss away the boo-boos and tell her that everything was going to be alright.

Because that is what mamas do.

I know that you want to do the same for your child and want to be prepared for emergencies, falls, pain, scrapes, and burns or whatever he may go through.

And while you can never truly prepare for the emotional pain and fear of a true emergency situation like ours, you sure can prepare a First Aid Kit to help take care of minor wounds and small emergencies.

A First Aid Kit is also a solution in less traumatic, everyday problems, like colds, UV ray exposure, chafed skin and so on.

As a follow up to my post on Must Haves with Baby, I wanted to write a post on must-haves in your First Aid Kit.

Every mama, brand new or veteran, should have a box filled and ready to go.

As I prefer with other baby items, this kit will also grow with your child and,  keeping a long-term perspective, will include items you may not necessarily use with your newborn right away.

As my daughter’s accident hit our family hard, we have become a little more cautious and preventative. I sure wish I could put bubble wrap for protection in my First Aid Kit!

But life will happen and you will not be able to protect them from everything.

Just take care of what you have control over. (easier said than done)

Here are 26 things you can put in your kit to get you started.

1. Fever and Pain Reducer

Initially, you will only be able to use Tylenol with your infant, until about 6 months of age. After that, Motrin is also allowed, and many moms find that it helps with the teething pain a lot more. When your baby is really sick, you will alternate the two.

It is super important to notice that Infant Tylenol and Children’s Tylenol have the same ingredients exactly, except the baby version comes with a syringe.

However, Infant Motrin and Children’s Motrin ingredients and strength are NOT the same, so make sure you buy the right kind.

Make sure you always read labels carefully about how often you can give medicine. If your pediatrician didn’t already give you one, use this handy chart to determine dosage.

Note, that the best way to decide how much medicine to give is by going with baby’s weight vs. age. There can be huge variations in weight in babies of the same age.

2. Teething Pain Relief

Based upon my experience, nothing will work as good as the Orajel. I use it sparingly and only when clearly in pain. Tylenol or Motrin can also be given in addition to the gel on the gums, especially at night and at nap times.

3. Gas and Tummy Ache Medicine

My hands down favorite product for tummy trouble is Gerber Soothe!  It can be given every day to prevent problems and help in digestion.

The active ingredient is a powerful probiotic that works by establishing healthy gut flora and it’s the only clinically prover probiotic to actually work.

And work it does.

Gerber Soothe can also be used for older children when they take antibiotics, have diarrhea or upset stomach.

Do yourself a favor and don’t try to live without it!

Infant Mylicon Drops also soothe tummy aches, but this product works a little differently than the Gerber Soothe: it is primarily for pain due to gas.

The active ingredient is simethicone, which will dissolve any tiny air bubbles in your baby’s tummy. You can expect it to work in a few minutes, just hold the baby upright and burp him until you see (hear) the results.

4. Thermometer

A reliable thermometer is an essential tool in a First Aid Kit. I like this one because it can be used in the ear or on the forehead and the infrared lens makes it more accurate.

5. Diaper Rash Cream

I usually like to use a more natural, simpler diaper rash cream, but when the problem is really bad, I bring out the big guns.

As in, Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. Rash has nothing on that thing!

6. Saline Nose Spray

When your baby has a cold, a saline nose spray is what the pediatrician will recommend. The spray moisturizes dry and swollen tissues in the nose, soothing a baby when she has a cold. While it won’t work a total miracle, it will ease the symptoms.

7. Medicine Dispenser

I have not used one if these medicine dispensing pacifiers, but many moms swear by it. Seems like a useful tool, though often times medicines come with their own dosing syringe already. The kit is cheap enough to be worth trying it out.

8. Neosporin

Neosporin is a household name and the first ointment to reach for when boo-boos happen.

9. Insect Bite relief/ Itch relief cream

Both the After Bite and the Benadryl gel are a crucial part of childhood First Aid kits. You will need it more often than you want to use it.

10. Qtips and Cotton Balls

Of course, you can’t forget about these old pals, Qtips, and cotton balls. This cute storage box will keep them organized and at hand if you want them on your changing table.

11. BandAids

The only things cuter than these band-aids are the squishy little legs and arms you will put them on!

Other types of band-aids may also prove useful, so keep heavy duty, assorted bandages on hand.

12. Alcohol wipes

Cheaper to buy in bulk, grab a few of these alcohol wipes to go in your kit and refill as needed. Great for disinfecting First Aid Kit tools too.

13. Nail Clippers

I have tried a few other options, but I always return to these simple nail clippers. It takes a little practice and patience to cut nails on a wiggly one, but it can be done!

14. Constipation Ease

It happens from time to time. These glycerin suppositories are a good way to help move things along when nothing else works!

15. Tweezers and Scissors 

I don’t think these two need much commenting. Basics.

16. Sunscreen

Sunscreens are a controversial topic and after much research, I have decided that it’s still safer to use some kind of sunscreen than none at all.

With that said, I buy a highly rated, mineral sunscreen for my kids everyday use. I am not completely opposed to Banana Boat or the occasional spray on, but I use ThinkBaby the most often.

It is non-greasy, absorbs well and won’t leave you looking like a ghost, as many mineral sunscreens do. It also has a delicious smell!

Remember, babies should not use sunscreen until 6 months of age unless absolutely necessary. 

17. Baby Chest Rub

I like using a natural alternative, like Zarbee’s Soothing Rub when my itty bitty gets a cold or a cough. When they are very young, I put it on their backs and bottoms of their feet only, not on their chest, just in case their hands get into it.

18. Vitamin D Drops

Vitamin D Drops are essential for your newborn if you breastfeed because that’s the one vitamin human milk tends to be low in. The Carlson D Drops have enough in the bottle to last for the entire first year.

19. Vaseline

Vaseline is another well-known name, but I like using Alba’s UnPetroleum Jelly because of its more natural ingredients. This tube will get plenty of use if your baby was circumcised or to protect chafed skin and wounds.


20. NoseFrida

Before you click away, please, hear me out! Those nasal aspirators you get at the hospital are not going to be much use when your baby gets a stuffy nose. You will not be able to stand to listen to that poor little one gasping for air and naturally, you will want to help.

That is when you need the NoseFrida.

No, you won’t suck snot up your mouth. Everything is separate and the parts that touch the nose and mouth can also be cleaned.

If you don’t believe me, read the thousands of positive reviews on Amazon. There’s only one way to figure out whether you love it or hate it: try it!

21. Aloe First Spray
 first aid kit must haves

The Aloe First Spray soothes burns, scrapes and minor wounds as well as promotes new skin growth over these areas.

22. Liquid Bandage

There are times when Liquid Bandage works better than Bandaids. Have a bottle in your kit in case of gaping wounds, easily infected wounds or to use on areas that you have to keep away from water.

23. Gauze pads and rolls

Gauze pads and rolls are also basics in case of a more serious wound. Use this tape to secure the dressing when you are done with it.

24. Nitrile Gloves

Make sure there are a few of these gloves in your kit because you just never know.

25. Throat Lozenges


For those days when a sore throat hits home, try Ricola. Its ingredients are simple, with menthol, honey, and echinacea being the main ingredients. Kids under 5 aren’t suggested to take this product.

26. Instant Cold Packs

Instant cold packs are handy for a sports injury or if your kids chased each other around the house and one of them ended up head-butting the table.

And there you have it: the 26 must-have items to put in your child’s first aid kit!

Every single thing that made it into my list is essential and I know they will help you take care of your children as much as they have helped me care for mine.

As for my little girl, she ended up at a burn center with severe road rash and went through surgery and skin grafting. 8 weeks after her accident, all that remains are some scars that we have to lather up with sunscreen every day.

They tell us her face will look like it has never happened, and from the look of it, I believe they are right. I was worried she would be traumatized, but due to the intense shock she experienced, she doesn’t remember anything.

I am beyond thankful.

Was there an item on the list that was new to you? What else would you add?

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