15 Hilarious Baby Shower Games

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baby shower games

When you are throwing a baby shower, you need to make sure that not only is it memorable for the mama-to-be, but that it is also entertaining for the guests.

That is no easy feat.

And while you probably cannot please everyone, there are definitely ways to make sure your party is an absolute success.


You don’t need to look any further, I already have a round-up of 23 Must-See Baby Shower Ideas to get you started on party planning.

Given the fact that my baby shower post has been the most popular post for the last few months, I figured it is time to add in a list of baby shower games as well.

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15 Hilarious Baby Shower Games

You may love playing baby shower games, or you may hate them. But you will definitely agree that the games on the list are crazy hilarious.

Whether you choose to play it at the next baby shower or not, read the ideas either way just for laughs.


1. Blind-Folded Diaper Changing

baby shower games

Image credit: Cake Happens

The game is pretty self-explanatory: blindfold your guests, two at a time,  and let them race to see who can change the baby doll’s diaper faster. This would be even funnier with dads involved.

2.  Play-Doh Baby

baby shower games

Image credit: Every Pot And Pan

If you have kids present at the event, this baby shower game will be a hit. (Or maybe, use it for the sole purpose of keeping them occupied?) Give out canisters of Play-Doh and muffin liners to each guest and let them go to town making baby sculptures.

Mama-to-be can be the judge, without knowing who made which.

3. My Water Broke

baby shower games

Image credit: My Healthy Happy Home

Grab this easy-peasy game pre-packaged for you. Just freeze and serve ice cubes with the party drinks.

4. Don’t Say…

baby shower games

Image credit: The D Spot

When the guests arrive, they each get 5 clothespins. Whatever word you choose, that word will be a no-no during the shower.

If you hear anybody say it, you may steal their clothespin. The person with the most pins wins.

Most popular words to ban are: baby, happy, cute, gift

5. Whitty Diapers

baby shower games

Image credit: Driven By Decor

Since midnight diaper changes are inevitable, make it a little more fun by writing something funny on diapers. Anything to make the new parents feel that they aren’t alone on this crazy journey.

Just use a permanent marker and it won’t bleed.

6. Pick Up The Paci

baby shower games

Image credit and idea: Play.Party.Plan

Provide several kebab sticks and let the players put one in their mouth.

Then they need to proceed to pick up pacifiers off the table using nothing but their mouth. The person with the most pacis on the stick wins.

7. Tie Your Shoes

Video credit and idea: Avoision

This game is perfect for a co-ed shower. Let the men feel the pain of a pregnant woman, by putting balloons in their shirt and instructing them to tie their shoes, without popping the balloon of course.

In this video, there is a guy who outsmarts the rest, too bad he isn’t the winner.

8. Nipple Bobbing

baby shower games

Image credit: Easy Day

Using the popular apple bobbing game for inspiration, why not try bobbing for bottle nipples?

Get a small pool and fill it with water for everybody to stand around it, or alternatively, you could also set several small storage containers on a long table to make individual pools.

Make sure you have plenty of nipples handy.

9. Pregnant Twister

baby shower games

Image credit and idea: Parents

The mama-to-be will sit this one out. She has enough trouble managing life, let her enjoy seeing other people sharing her difficulties.

Put wrist weights, balloons and filled fanny packs on select guests and let them play Twister, following the regular rules. This will surely cause lots of laughter and awkward positions.

10. Future Baby Photo

baby shower games

Image credit: Indulgy

Have several close-up pictures printed of mom and dad, cut them into strips and let each guest create a picture of what baby will look like when she/he grows up.

Another variation of the game is to have several different kid and baby pictures glued on a board, along with a few of mom and/or dad mixed in

. Let the guests guess which picture is the actual parent’s picture.

11. Tinkle In The Pot

The idea of the game is to put a balloon under everybody’s shirt and let them hold a quarter or a ping-pong ball in between their knees.

They need to waddle all the way to a bucket or jar and try to drop the ball or quarter in it by squatting down. Obviously, the one who succeeds wins.

12.  Chug The Baby Bottle

baby shower games

Image credit: Catch My Party

This is another game that would be especially fun for a co-ed shower. Fill baby bottles with apple juice or water and time your guests to see who can chug the contents down faster.

All by sucking it through the nipple.

13. Name The Baby Poop

baby shower games

Image credit: Pinterest

Okay, I admit this game is pretty gross but it’s also way too funny not to include.

Melt different types of chocolate bars in the diapers (you will never look at Snickers the same way) and let your guests guess what type of chocolate it is.

Use only sence of smell and sight. This should make for some funny pictures to post on Instagram later.

These diapers at least will smell good.

14. Corn Hole With Dolls

baby shower games

Image credit: Pinterest

I have seen this idea done a few different ways, but I decided this was the PG version, and one that I am willing to put here.

Play corn hole just like usual, except use baby dolls instead of bean bags.


15. Guess What’s In The Jar

baby shower games

Image credit: PlayBuzz

One way to play this game is to give a spoon to each player and let them taste every jar of baby food. They then guess what was in the jar.

Another good way to play this game is to couple up,  and let each pair feed each other from a jar of food, while they are both blindfolded. Plus points if you also give out bibs.

the least messy pair or the pair with the least amount of food left in the jar wins.

A Few Tips For Using These Baby Shower Games


  • Know Your Guests

In order for these games to be fun, it is crucial that you know what your guests will be okay with.

If you don’t know them well, it may be wiser to play games that focus on the mama (such as advice cards, guessing games, baby shower bingo, etc.) or just skip games altogether.

Baby shower games become awkward either when people don’t know each other so they can’t fully enjoy them or when they are forced.

  • Be Sensitive

If you have planned games but the shower if going nicely with people chatting, eating and having a good time, don’t break that up just for the sake of playing a game.

Prepare fully but be flexible.

  • Lead

When you do have your guests play baby shower games, make sure you explain the rules and the purpose of the game and provide some sort of guidance for the group.

It’s kind of like being an MC.

Or find somebody to do that for you. It makes the games more fun and people more comfortable.

  • Have Prizes

Everybody loves getting prizes, so they certainly will entice your guests to play along. Fill small gift bags with items such as a candle, lipgloss, hand cream or candy, and hand it out to the winners.

Thanks for checking out these hilarious baby shower ideas. Now you’re set to throw the most entertaining baby shower around.

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