30 DIY Baby Shower Favors Guests Will Actually Want

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baby shower favors

When you throw a baby shower, your guests make time to come to the party, buy gifts and help make the event a success. Giving out baby shower favors shows that you appreciate them.

It’s not that they expect it, but who doesn’t like a thank you?

I already published a post on How to Throw an Unforgettable Gender Reveal Party, gathered up 23+ Must-See Baby Shower Ideas and 15 Hilarious Baby Shower Games.

It’s time to talk baby shower favors.

It is important that the baby shower favors are just the right amount of cute and useful so your guest will love them.  (yes, being edible is considered useful)

There’s something for everybody on this list, take your pick.

The Best DIY Baby Shower Favors

 1. Bottle Of Cheer

baby shower favors

Image credit: Pinterest

Let everybody go home with a celebration in a bottle, to be opened upon baby’s arrival. (shhh, nobody will know if you break it open sooner, on a rough night)

2. Nutter Butter Babies

baby shower favors

Image credit: She Knows

baby shower favors

Image credit and tutorial: Boston Chic Blog

These are the cutest and literally the sweetest little babies around.

Not feeling too crafty? The first version is way easier than the second one and just as cute.

3. Nail Polish Tutus

baby shower favors

Image credit: HubPages

A good way to end a baby girl shower is to step into the future of ballet, pink and tutus with cutely wrapped nail polish.

4. Homemade Bath Salts

baby shower favors

Image credit and tutorial: Number2 Pencil

This tutorial shows you exactly how to make jars of easy but pretty bath salts. Everybody loves to relax, your guests will appreciate the gesture.

5. Oreo Pops

baby shower favors

Image credit and tutorial: Made By Maria

Oreos are a party favorite, so why not dress them up? Use pink or blue candy melts to dip the Oreos in.

6. Bird’s Nest

baby shower favors

Image credit and tutorial: Beau-Coup

I can totally see this baby shower favor as part of a little birdie themed party.

7. Washi Candles

baby shower favors

Image credit and tutorial: Something Turquoise 

Who knew that Washi-tape can be used for fancying up tea lights? With the many cute designs out there, the sky is the limit when customizing this craft.

8. Succulents In A Cup

baby shower favors

Image credit: Hostess With The Mostess

You could certainly find these ready-made, but buying the glass pot, dirt and the succulents in bulk will probably be cheaper and still pretty easy to make.


9. Chalkboard

baby shower favors

Image credit: 100 Layer Cake-let

A DIY chalkboard is a great baby shower favor because it will be used over and over again.

Spray painting a canvas with chalkboard paint is one way to make this gift, just don’t forget to include the chalkboard marker.

10. Sugar Scrub

baby shower favors

Image credit and tutorial: New Leaf Wellness

I received a jar of sugar scrub at a shower I have recently gone to, and I thought it was such a great idea.

I made them as Christmas gifts before and they are not only easy to make but smell delicious and work very well. This one is highly recommended.

11.  Whip Up Something Sweet

baby shower favors

Image credit and tutorial: Fabric, Paper, Glue

Okay, I totally am in love with this one. Not sure if it’s the tiny whisk or the sweet surprise in the bag, but  I dig it.

12. DIY Bubble Bath

baby shower favors

Image credit and tutorial: Make and Takes

This idea if cool for many reasons, but one of them is that you could include the “recipe” and your guests could refill their bottles.

Bubble baths could also be used for kids, so fellow mamas will appreciate it even more.

13. Sprinkles In A Jar

baby shower favors

Image credit: Sunshine Parties/Etsy

This idea is great for a lower key, second or third (or more) baby shower because people tend to call those sprinkles.

Especially if you go with a doughnut theme, sprinkles as favors are the perfect addition.

14. Hot Chocolate In The Bottle

baby shower favors

Image credit: Flickr

Buy individual servings of hot chocolate pouches, pour contents in a baby bottle. Top with mini marshmallows and mini chocolate chips. Done.

15. Popcorn In A Jar

baby shower favors

Image credit: Evermine

I don’t know if you have ever made homemade popcorn (not in the microwave) but it is super delicious.  My kids beg for it regularly.

Here’s a tried and true recipe you can include on the back of your favor tag.

16. Chocolate Babies 

baby shower favors

Image credit and full tutorial: Oriental Trading

This favor may take a little more time to make, but the results are swoon-worthy.

I wanna make some now just to look at them. Cute!

17. Shower Essentials

baby shower favors

Image credit: Pinterest

Whether you decide to give out just a  personalized sanitizer or include a loofah and a few mini-sized shower essentials is up to you.

But one thing’s for sure: cute AND useful, check!

18. Rice Krispie Hearts

baby shower favors

Image credit and tutorial: Intimate Weddings

Homemade Rice Krispie Treats are another favorite my kids love at our house. This tutorial shows heart-shaped treats, but feel free to just cut them into squares or experiment with other shapes.

19. Bath Bombs

baby shower favors

Image credit: Avanti Morocha

Just like the bubble bath jars, bath bombs are another super popular way to say thank you for a shower.

In all honesty, you will probably keep making these for yourself even when the shower has been long over.

20. Spiked Lollipops

baby shower favors

Image credit and tutorial: Sugar And Cloth

Uhm, lollipops with just a tiny bit of booze? I like the sound of that.

These lollies look so unique, totally standing out from a store-bought treat.

21. Pedicure In A Jar

baby shower favors

Image credit and tutorial: Suburban Simplicity

A spin on the nail polish dressed-in-tutu idea, why not package a mini-pedi in a jar for your guests?

Dollar stores usually offer small nail files, toe separators, nail clippers and such, but you may want to splurge a little more on the polish so it lasts a while.

22. Life’s Rosy

baby shower favors

Image credit: Pizzazzerie

This is the most simple idea, yet I love the delicate rose that’s perfect to celebrate a tiny life.

Blue striped box with a yellow rose would be great for a boy shower.

23. Vanilla Extract

baby shower favors

Image credit and tutorial: Porch

Homemade vanilla extract is not hard to make at all. You will need vodka and vanilla beans which you can buy from Beanilla.

My friends enjoyed these for Christmas gifts and I am sure anybody would be delighted to receive them at a shower as well.

Vanilla extract has to cure for several months though, so start them as soon as you can and make sure to include a “to be opened on” date, which could just be baby’s birthday.

Because they both still need to “cure”…

24. Celebration Cigar

baby shower favors

Image credit: NellieBellie

At a co-ed baby shower, daddies will rejoice to receive a cigar to smoke (or chew) to celebrate the arrival of the long-awaited bundle.

I didn’t even know this tradition existed until my husband, manly man that he is, showed up with cigars when our daughter was born.

Needless to say, I sent them all outside, so I don’t know the rest, but the cigar had to be there. Go figure.

25. Mug Cakes

baby shower favors

Image credit and tutorial: Fabric, Paper, Glue

A personal size chocolate cake in a mug that just needs to be microwaved?

Please, somebody, send me this on a weekly basis.

26. S’more Love

baby shower favors

Image credit: GreyGrey Designs

Even if you aren’t following a woodlands theme, smores are a very easy way to your guests’ hearts.

Just take two large marshmallows, a graham cracker broken into two pieces and a small Hershey bar, wrap it in a cellophane bag and call it a day.

27. Hunny Jar

baby shower favors

Image credit and tutorial: About Family Crafts

I can’t say it enough, that Mason jars will always be your best friends.

This time, you will be filling them with honey and they will make the perfect favor for a Bear or Pooh themed baby shower.

Bonus if you include a honey dipper too.

28. Homemade Soap


baby shower favors

Image credit and tutorial: Happiness Is Homemade

Maybe it’s just me, but I adore handmade specialty soap.

I could never have enough of them. While I haven’t tried making my own, this tutorial looks pretty doable and the results speak for themselves.

29. Surprise In A Bag

baby shower favors

Image credit and tutorial: Lulu The Baker

The awesome thing about this one is that you can fill the paper bags with pretty much anything that suits your fancy, or matches your theme.

Chocolate kisses, homemade baked goods, fun-sized candy, you choose.

30. Dressed Up Candle

baby shower favors

Image credit and tutorial: Alice&Lois

I’m sure you could make your own candle, but if you just buy them in a pretty jar, can dress them up just as nicely.

Check out the tutorial, it’s totally worth it.

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