11 Winter Crafts For Kids To Try Now

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winter crafts for kids

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you know that I don’t exactly heart crafts.

I find them messy and annoying. I am not good at them.

There I said it.

Please don’t judge. (Or do if you’d like, but in this community, we strive to support and encourage each other)

If I am true to my commitment to always give it to you straight, I have to say the hard truths too.

 I do try making crafts. I promise.

Just the other day we went for a walk and gathered gorgeous colored leaves with the purpose of trying one of the activities off of my Thanksgiving/Fall crafts list. 

They dried before I was even able to get to them several days later. Go figure.

Not loving crafts, however, does not make me a bad mom.

It actually leaves me to be a mom who likes cooking with kids and singing and coloring and being outside. I am learning to be okay with that.

On most days, crafts are stickers, stamps, this art jar or drawing and if I feel very fancy, paint.

Still, I created a list of winter crafts for kids because I consider it important to push myself out of my mom comfort zone every once in a while.

There have been times when a dreaded craft activity turned into a really fun time. (For the sake of staying encouraging, I won’t mention the times when it turned into something else.)

It’s good to plan some simple crafts from time to time when I feel like I can handle it because my kids are always delighted.

With a carefully selected list of crafts, I can start an activity with my kids, know exactly what to do, have the simple supplies on hand and be successful in completing the craft.

The other reason I created this list is that there are many of you out there, who are awesome at doing arts and crafts and are looking for cute ideas to make with your kids.

So whether you are a struggling crafter or a super crafty mom, this list of 11 winter crafts for kids is for you!

1. Paper Heart Penguin

winter crafts for kids

Image credit and tutorial: Crafty Morning.

A cute little penguin will decorate your wall after you finish with this easy craft! You could even make smaller ones to create a whole family.



2. Cotton Pad Snowmen

winter crafts for kids

Image credit and tutorial: Live.Craft.Love.

What a creative way to use cotton pads!

My kids already love playing with them and always steal from my make-up drawer. Now they can have their own bag and play with it too.



3. Paper Plate Santa

winter crafts for kids

Image credit and tutorial: Heart Crafty Things.

I am glad she hearts them and created cute stuff for all of us to share. (saved me!)

This one looks easy enough, yet I think we all agree it’s adorable!

Come to think of it, gluing the Santas on plain gift bags would make awesome Christmas gift bags.



4. Paper Snowflakes

winter crafts for kids

Image credit and video tutorial: It’s Always Autumn.

Even if your kids cannot cut patterns this well yet, they will find it fascinating to create a snowflake from a piece of round paper.

Last year, my daughter went crazy with these, and just cut the holes as her little heart desired and turned out some pretty amazing snowflakes.


5. Christmas Treat Cups

winter crafts for kids

Image credit and tutorial: Simple As That.

Not only can these cute Christmas cups hold candy, cookies or other goodies in your home, they would also make great gifts.

Maybe filled with a hot cocoa mix and marshmallows? Or place extras on the kids’ Christmas table for decor.

6. Paper Mittens

winter crafts for kids

Image credit and tutorial: Housing a Forest.

This is such a cute idea, I fell in love with it instantly. Plus, my daughter had these purple little mittens when she was 2.

She was so tiny, I miss that. (sigh)

Anyways, these could totally be made with “boy colors”, I know at our house one of the little men would protest seeing purple and pink…


7.  Melted Snowmen

winter crafts for kids

Image credit and tutorial: Live.Craft.Love. 

Melting, right?? I love this easy craft, though I don’t think I would break out the paint just for the eyes and mouth. Good ol’ markers will do.


8. Peppermint Bowl

winter crafts for kids

Image credit and tutorial: Princess Pinky Girl.

This is THE project my teenage stepdaughter would love. If you have older kids, they could do it by themselves.

For younger ones, adult supervision is required with baking and all, but the craft itself isn’t too difficult.

This would also be a good excuse to buy those awesome silicone pan liners I have been dying to own.

Plus, uhm candy!


9. Bead Candy Canes

winter crafts for kids

Image credit and tutorial: Fountain Avenue Kitchen.

I haven’t met a kid yet who doesn’t love messing with itty-bitty beads.

Not sure if it’s the sensory experience or just another way to figure out how long our patience lasts, but they love beads.

This could be a perfect craft during baby’s naptime. Cause he loves (to eat) beads too.


10. Candycane Slime

winter crafts for kids

Image credit and tutorial: Life’s Carousel.

I have to admit, I have never made slime. I didn’t even know it was a thing until I saw it trending on Pinterest.

It looks fun. (and messy, so the kids will dig it)

My friend, Sasha, however, is the queen of slime-making and this recipe is from her. I can’t wait to try her other slime recipes too.


11. Graham Cracker Houses

winter crafts for kids

Image credit and tutorial: Fountain Avenue Kitchen

I am really over those store-bought gingerbread house kits. (you know what I am talking about, not gonna link it!)

I’d much rather spend time creating something that’s actually tasty and not full of things I cannot pronounce. And I like to choose the candy too.

So we are totally making these graham cracker houses this year. Click the link above for the finished product pictures.


I loved searching for these ideas and sharing them with you.

I am excited to have a plan now when I want to do winter crafts with my kids. Quality time above all!

If you want more Christmasy stuff, check out my DIY Christmas Decor Ideas.

Which craft are you going to try?

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winter crafts for kids