19 Genius Parenting Hacks That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier!

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Who doesn’t want their life to be easier? 

Especially when you are a parent and feel like you are being pulled in a million directions, it is essential that you make shortcuts.

Not in the important things of course, because those should always stay a priority.

I am talking about everyday, common events or problems that add up over time and making them less of an issue would save your sanity.

I read article after article to bring you the best parenting hacks out there. I also added a few of my own.

I was only willing to include hacks that are actually doable and will literally make your life easier, not just in theory.

Are you excited?  I sure am!

Let’s dive in!

1.  Speed up breakfast!

parenting hacks

Found at Cook&Craft Me Crazy

If you have little kids, you know that for many years you will be cutting up pancakes. That’s a lot of pancakes! Make it a breeze by using a pizza cutter!! Genius!

2. Teach them to put their shoes on right!

parenting hacks

Found at One Creative Housewife

Ever had the problem of a kid with shoes on the wrong feet? That’s me every. single. day. With cut stickers, your kid will never mix-match his shoes again. One less little thing to worry about!

3. Keep pacifiers clean!

parenting hacks

You know the feeling of pacifiers everywhere, especially in your purse. How to keep them clean? Try storing them in plastic condiment cups (dollar store or restaurants).

4.  Use signs!

parenting hacks

From The Krazy Coupon Lady

My kids think phone alarms and signs are sacred. They will listen so much better when I implement them.

Why not use these cute doorknob hangers to let neighborhood kids know when it is ok to ring the bell?

5. Prep your ice cream!

parenting hacks

From Real Simple

When preparing for your child’s birthday party, why not think ahead and freeze the ice-cream in cupcake liners. This trick makes serving a cinch!

6. Simplify grocery shopping!

Found at Princess Pinky Girl

When your hands are full with kids, getting groceries in the door is even harder. Try this tip and see how much easier these laundry baskets make your life.

7. Keep track of medicine!

parenting hacks

From Lovezilla

Ah, the tedious task of keeping track of medicine. Twice daily. For 10 days. With this hack and a sharpie in hand, it should be a breeze!

8. Keep your kid safe!

parenting hacks

From Mashable

Of course, there are many ways to go about this, but keeping your child from getting lost with a bracelet from beads and numbers is a pretty neat idea!


9. Toddler proof the bed!

parenting hacks

From Pink Oatmeal

I have done this for years and a pool noodle is the cheapest and easiest bed rail ever! It’s not too tall where you can’t sit on the bed, but it’s tall enough for your toddler to not fall out.


10. Keep your car organized!

parenting hacks

Found at Picky Stitch

With kids, you always have a ton of stuff to tote around when you travel. Why not use a hanging shoe holder to keep all of it organized? Just cut it to size and you’re good to go.


11. A better way to soothe ouchies!

parenting hacks

Found at Kids Activities Blog

Frozen marshmallows are softer than ice packs and don’t get quite as cold either, making them the perfect solution for the latest boo-boo. (maybe they can even eat it once it melts?)


12. Extend the faucet!


For very young kids, stools aren’t enough to reach the faucet while washing hands. Help them with this awesome faucet extender! I have loved mine for years.


13. Stop the door!

parenting hacks

Found at Kids Activities Blog

The struggle is real! How many times do you go through the house yelling your toddler’s name, only to find him smiling in another room behind closed doors? Painters tape to the rescue!


14. Go to the bathroom alone!

parenting hacks

Found at Adventures and Play

Using pipe cleaners and an old plastic bottle, keep your toddler occupied for ten minutes, so you can go to the bathroom ALONE. (I would have said use the activity to “promote independent play”, but who are we kidding?)


15. Declutter memorabilia!

parenting hacks

From I Heart Planners

Use flip top plastic boxes to organize the best of your kids’ artwork and memories. See the method here.

16. Ice for gums

Instead of using silicone food feeders for, well, feeding, put some crushed ice in it and let your baby soothe her sore gums. Does it work? A thankful gurgle will be your answer.


17. Heat food faster!

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From PopSugar Mom

Stack one of two bowls on top of a mug, and voila! Heating two meals at once.


18. Heat the ears!

Believe it not, dry heat does wonders for infected ears.

Stuff a sock full of rice or salt, secure the opening so no spills happen. (I do this by spinning the sock around to close it and then fold the top part over)

Heat the sock in the microwave to the desired temperature, and soothe away some of the pain.

Rice and salt keep heat very well, so the compress should stay warm for quite a while. Repeat several times daily.

19. Teach how to aim!

parenting hacks

From the Krazy Coupon Lady

Personally, I teach my boys to sit, but if you potty train them to stand up, aiming at cheerios should do the trick.

And on that note, I end this edition of life-changing parenting hacks.

I hope you find some very helpful to make your life easier!

Which hack was your favorite? Do you have any more good ones?

Like what you read? Please share, other parents will appreciate it!

parenting hacks

parenting hacks



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