19 Eye Catching Bedroom Ideas That Will Make Any Girl Swoon

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girl bedroom ideas

Decorating a girls bedroom? Fun!

Or is it?

When you are getting ready to decorate a girl’s bedroom, probably the first thing you do is look for inspiration.

But there are so many adorable bedroom ideas out there, that it’s overwhelming and sometimes even stressful to sort through it all.

Some pictures I have seen are so far from an everyday girl’s bedroom, that I was wondering if the pictures were staged just for the sake of Pinterest, or if somebody actually owns a room like that.

I am not a fan of too much stuff that just collects dust and accumulates, I focus on a few interesting pieces instead and try to make sure the overall atmosphere of the room is inviting.

While these rooms aren’t minimalist, I only chose ones that are actually doable and not just Pinterest-perfect.

This blog is for real moms, offering real help, so what’s the use of a collection of pictures that nobody can afford to copy?

I am planning to move my 7-year-old in her own room in the near future (right now she is sharing with the boys), so this post is in part inspired by my own search for girl bedroom ideas.

If you are also looking for realistic bedroom ideas, this list is perfect for you!

1.  Pastel Beauty

girl bedroom ideas

Image credit: Pop Sugar.

I love how the pastel pink and yellow accent pieces add color to a fresh, white bedroom.  I would wanna sleep in this bed for sure!

2. Sweet Dreams

girl bedroom ideas

Image credit: Decor Space.

How cute is this room? I have never met a little girl who isn’t on Cloud 9 when eating ice cream, doughnuts, and cupcakes.

The whole bedroom has a happy and sweet feel to it.

This bedding set is pretty similar to the one on the picture.

I admit I couldn’t possibly stand buying that many knick-knacks, so I would fill the shelf up with books instead.

3. Free-Spirit

girl bedroom ideas

Image credit: Wilder Publications.

This bedroom is for a little free-spirited girl, who dabbles in many different hobbies,  enjoys the calmness of neutrals and girly enough to like different shades of pinks.

Buy the canopy here.

3. Pretty In Turquoise

girls bedroom ideas

Image credit: Houzz.

Okay, this is what I want my bedroom to look like, I am a turquoise fanatic.

The room has a calming atmosphere with the light wall color and I just love that headboard! (here’s a similar one)

Too bad I sleep with a husband, so this will never happen for me. (sigh)

4. Hot Pink Pop

bedroom ideas

Image credit: Ryan Scott 2 Go.

If somebody told me they were painting a dark brown access wall in a girl’s bedroom, I would have been like, “uhm, I hope you won’t hate it”.

But it totally works here!

By keeping everything else white, and adding just enough pop of hot pink, I really love how this room turned out.

5. Lilac Oasis

girl bedroom ideas

Image credit: Centsational Style.

Lilac, white and green have long been my favorite combination, and this room is simply stunning.

I would wanna spend my days reading on the bed and listening to music…

6. Growing Up

girl bedroom ideas

Image credit: Pinterest.

I imagine this room for a pre-teen or teen girl, who outgrew the pink and purple “little girl” colors and is ready for something more grown-up like.

However, the cute turquoise accent pillow adds just the right amount of playfulness and I love the pattern mixing too.

7. Cozy Cottage Feeling

girl bedroom ideas

Image credit: Decor Space.

Pink and green gingham? I am thinking little cozy country cottage.

Yes, please.

8. Whimsical Dreamer

girl bedroom ideas

Image credit: Nous Decor.

I really love the idea of a daybed instead of a regular bed, because it doubles as a couch.

Check out the strings of lights and the awesome, long shelf!

9. Coral And Aqua Fun

Image credit: Houzz.
Tissue pom poms are all the rage. They are kind of a pain to put together though, but the look is really cute.
Did you notice that the bed is grey and the lamp-shades coordinate with it?

10. Neutral With Bright Accents

girl bedroom ideas
Image credit: NVH.
Yellow and lilac and hot pink accent colors make this otherwise neutral room far from boring.
Not sure if I was ever brave enough to buy a yellow bedframe, So I would either add a yellow rug or yellow curtains instead.

11. Preppy Gold

girl bedroom ideas
Image credit: Walls Need Love.
Gold polka dots on the wall?  Fancy!
A few interesting accent pieces make this room even more put-together, ready for a neat little lady.

 12. Practical Cuteness

girl bedroom ideas
Image credit: NVH.
This one is a perfect room for a little girl who loves to read in peace and quiet.
I am a huge fan of loft beds because they utilize that huge amount of space in a room we otherwise couldn’t use.
Loft beds are very functional for tiny bedrooms too.
As her future room is pretty small, we are definitely going with a loft bed for my daughter. IKEA has great ones.

 13. Fit For A Princess 

girl bedroom ideas
Image credit: Decor Space.
In my mind, this is the type of room the princess took the frog up to sleep.
While your little girl will hopefully not have to deal with those gross creatures, the room is a perfect fit if you wanna go full pink and prissy.

 14. Chic In Leopard 

girl bedroom ideas
Image credit: Pinterest.
Another room that may be more appealing to the older girls, I love how chic the leopard, gold, and white look together.
I could totally blog in a home office looking like that…


15. Pink Whales 

girl bedroom ideas
Image credit: Overstock.
This room was love at first sight.
The bedding and the standing lamp are everything.
Enough said.

 16. Decal On The Wall

girl bedroom ideas
Image credit: Popsugar.
I already mentioned my love for daybeds, and here is another fave of mine: wall decals.
With the never-ending choices out there, it is so easy to get a huge bang for your buck and transform a boring wall into a perfect focal point.

 17. Change It As She Grows

girl bedroom ideas
Image credit: Google.
I love this room so much because of all the different patterns and my favorite color, teal showing up as an accent.
While this looks more like a teenage bedroom, it could be altered to suit a younger girl by changing the accents and wall decor a little bit.
Then the room can grow with your child, which is my absolute first criteria when I choose decorations.

18. Just Peachy

girl bedroom ideas
Image credit: Decor Space.
If I walked into a bedroom like this every day, I would think of summer, ocean, warm breeze and peaches all day.
I am determined to persuade my daughter to choose this color palette.

19. Pink, Grey, and Flamingo

girl bedroom ideas
Image credit: Pinterest.
That fluffy rug.
The comfy chair.
And my favorite neutral, grey.
I think any teen girl would happily do their homework in a chic room like that.
Okay, maybe I shouldn’t go that far.
But mood swings, trying out makeup, and whispering secrets go well with the picture too…
I hope you loved looking at these inspiring bedroom ideas and walk away from this post with a plan in your head. 
I know I do.
Please share with me in the comments how you ended up decorating your girl’s room!
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