17 Tips To Throw An Unforgettable Gender Reveal Party

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gender reveal party

Do want to throw a gender reveal party, but don’t even know where to start?

I get it.

I have never had one during my 3 pregnancies, due to the sheer fact that I was lacking simple ideas.

I have friends who did throw a gender reveal party (or had somebody do one for them) and it sure looked like fun.

At the time though, it just seemed too complicated to make a gender reveal work out perfectly.

I wish I had seen these ideas sooner.

These gender-reveal party ideas made me realize that gender reveal parties don’t have to be elaborate (though they can certainly be if that’s what floats your boat)

I wanted to share my finds with you so you don’t skip this fun step in your parenting journey just because of the lack of ideas.

Gender reveal parties can be done two ways: you either throw a party for a couple to find out the baby’s gender at the party, or the couple throws a party for family and friends to reveal the baby’s gender.

Below I have gathered  ideas on how to throw an unforgettable gender reveal party!


1. Signature Picture Frame

gender reveal party

Image source and printable: Blessed Beyond Words.

I love when things have multiple functions. This sign-in sheet is a fun guessing game for the guests but also serves as a keepsake for mama-to-be.

Nothing fancy is needed, just a white picture frame, pink and blue sharpies and an ultrasound of course!

If you click the link, you will find a handy-dandy printable to make the sign.

2. Colored Powder

gender reveal party

Source: Grey Likes Baby.

This sure seems like a fun idea! (if you don’t mind the mess, that is). A great option for when everybody else knows and only the pregnant couple finds out the gender.

Buy some gender revealing, colored powder here.

3. Pull String Pinata

gender reveal party

Source and full tutorial: Funny Beautiful.

This has got to be one of the cutest ideas ever. Even siblings can join in the fun. And this idea shows that gender reveal parties don’t have to be elaborate.

If you like DIY projects, following the link you will find a tutorial to this cute pinata.

If you’re like me, shop the links below!

4. Traditional Pinata

gender reveal party

Source: Simply Brittany.

If you’re more of a traditional pinata lover, this idea is for you.

There’s something satisfying about whacking a pinata with a big baseball bat.

Or is that just me?

5.  Silly String

Here’s how you cover the silly string can with cute baby themed wrapping paper, so nobody knows what color is inside.

This is an idea for when you know your baby’s gender and you want to see your friends and family find out.

Just make sure you have your phone and a tripod ready.

gender reveal party

Source: Pinterest.


And here is how you spray silly string over the family who is finding out their baby’s gender from their friends and family.


gender reveal party

Source: A Journey Into Surrogacy.

6. Balloon Release


gender reveal party

Source: One She, Two She.

This is an idea I have seen the most often and it works perfectly in multiple settings.

You can snap a photo and send it out to social media, or just surprise your older kids with the balloons and of course, you can throw a complete party as well.

Here’s what you’ll need:

7. It’s Raining Baby

gender reveal party

Source and tutorial: Fun 365.

This one mixes a pull string pinata and the balloon release idea in one.

Following the link, you can find exactly how to make this cute gender revealing rain happen.

Here are some of the supplies needed:



8. Nutty Party Snack

gender reveal party

Source: Pinterest.

This easy-to-make display is adorable and edible. Plus, it’s hilarious.


9. He or She Hershey’s

gender reveal party

Source: Catch My Party.

This one is the easiest DIY party favor I have ever seen and the cutest too. Who would have thought that Hershey’s chocolate can be so helpful in revealing gender?

Chocolate always solves the problem.

10. Bow and Arrow Fun

gender reveal party

Source: Sweet Miles.

This gender reveal idea should be a total hit. (get it?)

Just fill a black balloon with the appropriate paint color, attach it to a board (in this case a canvas) and shoot away.

Especially recommended for shooting and hunting-obsessed men.

11. Pop The Belly

gender reveal party

Source: Smudge Blog.

Similarly to the previous idea, the point here is to pop the balloons and find the one that contains the revealing paint.

There’s even a way to make this game more fun for the participants. The couple here had a separate balloon that was filled but not attached to the board at first.

After seriously confusing their family members, they attached the single filled balloon and then everybody went bonkers trying to pop it. (read their full story and tutorial by clicking on the link above)

12. Twin Baloons

gender reveal party

Source: Kara’s Party Ideas.

Double balloons are a great idea when finding out the gender of twins, especially if they aren’t identical.

Both mom and dad can pop a separate balloon and make it twice the fun. (they’d better start practicing now)

13. Gender Reveal Party Banners

Banners are a fun and easy way to make the location of the party festive.

There are endless possibilities for customization, but here are two of my favorites:

gender reveal party

Source: Shelterness.

gender reveal party

Source: Pinterest/Etsy.

If you don’t want to make your own, here’s one you can buy.

14. Gender Reveal Party Table

gender reveal party

Source: Sweet Wood Creative.

I just love this party table, don’t you? And while I know I could never fully duplicate it, I find tons of inspiration in this photo.

Supplies you may need to recreate some of the cuteness:



15. Dipped Cookies

gender reveal party

Source: HGTV.

No extensive tutorial is needed for this simple, but totally decorative treat.

Just dip vanilla Oreos in blue and pink candy melts and sprinkle with sprinkles. Let dry on parchment paper.

16. Gender Reveal Cake

Admittedly my favorite part of a party. Check out these amazing ideas below.

gender reval party

Source and tutorial: Evolving Table.


gender reveal party

Source: Simply Futbol.


gender reveal party

Source: Wilder Publications.

17. The Sweetest Gift

gender reveal party

Source: One She, Two She.

Saving the best for last, this is my absolute favorite gender reveal idea. True, it’s not really a party, but it is very sprecial.

The pictures can be posted on social media or close family members could even participate through Skype or FaceTime.

Read their full story by clicking on the link, you will love it too.

Gender Reveal Party Supplies

Here are some basic supplies to get you started when planning a gender reveal party. Click on the image to buy.






I hope you enjoyed this round-up of gender reveal party ideas.

If you need help with baby shower ideas, check out this popular post.

I would love it so much if you sent me your party ideas and pictures, or comment below!

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