20+ Must-See Baby Shower Ideas

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baby shower ideas

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If you are throwing a baby shower, you already know how much work it takes to plan one.

Of course, you do it out of love for the mama-to-be, so you put even more pressure on yourself to do it just right!

This is going to be an event she will forever remember, an occasion that won’t ever happen the same way again.

Whether it’s a First Baby Shower or a Baby Sprinkle for a baby second, third or more in line, the goal of a baby shower is to celebrate new life, pamper the new mom and make memories.

When you think about all that a baby shower involves, you definitely need to start at the very beginning.

A theme. Colors. Food. Games. Favors.

It is easy to get overwhelmed, but I am coming to the rescue with a brand new list here on the blog:  20+ Must-See Baby Shower Ideas!

I have done all the hard work for you and scoured the web for the very best ideas for your next baby shower.

Let’s see the ideas, shall we?

1. Pretty In Teal

baby shower ideas

Image credit: Catch My Party

How adorable is this setup? It totally looks like it came out of a magazine, which most of us can’t pull of, but we can definitely use the picture as an inspiration.

The colors are turquoise, white with a little bit of silver mixed in. The theme is bird or owl, with a little antique flair and polka dots.

You can easily find tulle table skirts in specialty party stores or buy whichever color your heart desires here.

Definitely check out the link for all the pictures of this adorable shower!

2. Stroller Cupcakes

baby shower ideas

Image credit: Barbara’s Life.

If you’re opting for cupcakes instead of a cake, this is such a cute way to set them up!

You can, of course, have pink icing or another color of your choosing.

3. Diaper Cake

baby shower ideas

Image credit and tutorial: A Shade of Teal.

For diaper cake decor, the sky is the limit. In the linked tutorial above, you’ll learn how to make a basic cake that you can fancy up any way you like.

From the mom’s perspective, it’s super annoying to have to unwrap all the diapers. (and they will never be straight again)

And from the maker’s perspective, I am sure it’s just as tiring to wrap and secure every.single.peace.

With that said, diapers cakes are the cutest decorations that every shower should have.

I kept mine for weeks after the showers and it always reminded me of the special time we spent celebrating my baby.

Some things are just worth making even if they aren’t practical. (note to self)

4. Fancy Balloons

baby shower ideas

Image credit: Melise Amour

Balloons and baby showers go hand in hand. (“ready to pop”, anyone?)

While helium-filled balloons can look very festive on their own, I fell for these tulle covered versions of the old standby.

Looks like they wouldn’t be hard to make at all!

5. Fun Non-Alcoholic Drinks

baby shower ideas

Sparkling Honey Limeade from Cooking Classy

baby shower ideas

Strawberry Margarita Mocktail from Sober Julie

baby shower ideas

Virgin Pina Colada from House of Yum.

baby shower ideas

Raspberry Sherbet Party Punch from Natasha’s Kitchen.

All of these drinks are easy to make, non-alcoholic, yet deliver a pretty look and great taste!

6. Display the Ultrasounds

baby shower ideas

Image credit: Project Nursery.

One of the most precious pictures I have of my babies is their sonogram.

I will NEVER forget the feelings that came with first seeing that tiny peanut shape and later seeing a bigger baby at the gender revealing ultrasound.

A developing baby is always going to be a miracle to me and these pictures let us peek into this hidden, mysterious world.

I bet displaying the sonograms at the baby shower would fill the mama-to-be up with these same warm fuzzies!

7. Donut Baby Sprinkle

baby shower ideas

Image credit and full tutorial: Fun 365.

I would not have thought of this myself, but doughnuts with sprinkles are so fitting for a baby sprinkle!

With the second or third (or more) baby, usually only the essentials are needed, so the mama is only “sprinkled”.



8. Backyard Party

baby shower ideas

Image credit: Glitter For Breakfast.

I love the teal chevron table runner and the watering cans as vases. It gives the whole set-up a rustic feel, perfect for celebrating a little man!


9. Drink Station

baby shower ideas

Image source: Abby Mitchell Events.

I absolutely love big glass drink dispensers, they make even plain water look fancy.

I have seen people putting fruits in the water, partly for decor, partly for infusing some of the flavors.

Either way, setting up a little hydration corner looks like a super idea!

10. Picnic Style

baby shower ideas

Image source: Brit Co.

Seriously, how awesome is this baby shower idea? Fall or Spring, mild weather makes a perfect setting for a picnic shower.

Complete with simple sandwiches, pillows, picnic table and blanket (buy a nice two-sided one and it doubles as a gift), I bet this shower wouldn’t disappoint!

11. Wishing Tree

baby shower ideas

Image credit: Clipzine.

Advice cards are so much cuter when they are bird shaped and hung on a tree!

Perfect little accessories like a lantern, burlap, and a mini chalkboard sign make this display irresistible.

12. Diaper Cake Alternatives 

If you aren’t as big a fan of diaper cakes as I am, there are a few alternatives you may consider creating.

baby shower

Image credit and tutorial: Frugal Fanatic.

A diaper bouquet is a cute way to add interest to a baby shower display, and it takes way less time to make than a diaper cake.

baby shower ideas

Image credit and tutorial: Imperfect Homemaking.

I love this sweet diaper wreath, made by using a wire wreath, colored ribbons and any decorations you may want to ass to the finished wreath.

No rolling diapers required!

13. Pink and Gold

baby shower ideas

Image credit and idea: Catch My Party.

Gorgeousness. I don’t think I can comment much more on this. Check out the rest of the shower pictures, so adorable!

Some items to buy:

14. Watermelon Buggy

baby shower ideas

Image credit: Jennifer Farris.

What better to make a fun display with than food? This watermelon stroller looks simple enough to make and will definitely steal the show!

If you wanna go extra fancy, try these food cutters!

15. Play a Game

I am a little on the fence with shower games. I really enjoyed them at my very first shower because everything was so new, I was full of energy and excitement in preparation for the unknown.

But with consequent pregnancies, the focus for me wasn’t on how much fun we have at the shower or what the games were like. It was much more about time with my friends, because it was rare, and slowing down to savor every last moment of the current pregnancy. At those showers, I wanted things to be lowkey and focus on food and conversation really. No games needed.

With that said, there are plenty of mamas who are going through their very first shower or just love games and definitely would love to include them regardless of how many pregnancies they have had.

It’s definitely a smart idea to ask and make sure mama-to-be is into that sort of stuff because I found that shower games are either desired or totally undesired.

There’s no in between.

So if you decide on games, find some great ideas on Pretty My Party.

16. Go Gender Neutral

baby shower ideas

baby shower ideas

baby shower ideas

Image credit and ideas: Style Blueprint.

If the couple isn’t finding out the gender of their baby, that doesn’t mean a shower has to be boring.

There are plenty of cute ideas for a gender neutral shower, like this one.

How creative is that shower sign? Or what about wrapping diapers and putting the letters on to make them look like huge blocks?

I love that the hosts worked with different textures to make plain brown and cream a total success!

Burlap, cotton, paper, wood, and glass all have their part and the results are stunning. Very far from boring!

I bet using different textures would also work with a more colorful shower, but the point here is to make neutral interesting.

17. Balloon Cascade

baby shower ideas

Image credit: Simply Brittany.

While this particular balloon cascade was meant for a gender-reveal party (hence the blue and pink), you can certainly make it from your theme colors.

The balloons are probably attached to crepe paper streamers on this picture.

I bet the cascade could be hung not only from the stairs but from the wall or ceiling as well. For that, you can use thumbtacks and bead cord.

18. Remember Dad

It’s definitely a thoughtful touch to remember dad in the midst of everything being about mama and baby.

Dads have a harder time grasping what it is like to expect a baby and truly prepare themselves for the task.

They aren’t experiencing what we do, they only know in their head that a baby is coming.

They don’t have hormones to help them nest, bond and take care of an infant.

So let’s help them out by giving them small reminders and tangible evidence that they will be dads.

My husband always loved picking out an outfit for the baby after we found out the gender because that made him feel like it’s all real.

baby shower ideas

Full tutorial: Leslie Cruiz

This new dad toolbox is a perfect example of how to help dad feel part of the pregnancy and baby shower.

baby shower ideas

Image credit and tutorial: Simply Made With Love.

The daddy survival kit is also a cute way to recognize that dads will be tired too and they need support as well.

19. Clothes Line Decor

baby shower ideas

Image: Pinterest.

The basic idea is that you hang baby clothing items on a string and secure it with clothespins as a fun banner. This particular idea is done with baby socks.

Here’s another one with a variety of baby clothes:

baby shower ideas

Image credit: DIY Show-Off.

Or this one with tutus and girl clothes:

baby shower ideas

Image credit: Catch My Part

20. Grey and Yellow

baby shower ideas

Image credit and idea: Love of Family and Home.

A very trendy color combo, gray and yellow dominate in this cute display. I love the chevron tablecloth and fun pompoms!

22. Tutu Gift Basket

baby shower ideas

Found on: Etsy.

This cute basket could hold gifts, favors, drinks or even diapers. It’s too cute not to share!

23. Finish with Cake

One of the highlights of a baby shower is the cake! Check out these ideas, they are to die for!

baby shower ideas

Image credit: Pinterest.

baby shower ideas

Image credit: Yummy Arts.

baby shower ideas

Image credit: Cake Central.

baby shower ideas

Image credit: Cakes Decor.

I hope you enjoyed my list of 20+ Must-See Baby Shower Ideas and that it will help you throw the best shower on the block!

For ideas on throwing an unforgettable gender reveal party, read this post.

Which ones will you try? I would love to hear your comments!

Need more ideas in preparation for a baby? Check out my posts about adorable nurseries and pregnancy workouts!

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baby shower ideas